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Full Results from WWE’s TLC PPV

by Staff - Dec 13, 2009

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- We’re welcomed to the first-ever WWE TLC pay-per-view and go right to the ring for tonight’s ECW Title Match.

Ladder Match for the ECW Title: Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian

Michael Cole, Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler are on commentary tonight. They welcome us to the show and hype the first match tonight. Shelton Benjamin is out first followed by the ECW Champion Christian. There are ladders around the ring. Christian comes out without his belt as it is suspended above the ring.

Both men stare each other down before Christian fakes running to the outside to grab a ladder. Benjamin and Christian lock up with Benjamin pushing Christian into the corner. Another lock up, this time Shelton locks in a headlock, but it doesn’t last long as Christian fights out and hits Shelton with a beautiful dropkick.

Christian sends Benjamin into the corner, but Benjamin leaps up to the turnbuckle and comes back with a cross body. Shelton goes for a big kick but Christian ducks and tries for the Killswitch. Shelton fights out, hits a big backbreaker, and bails to the floor. Shelton goes for a ladder, but Christian ids right behind him, and he slams his head into the barricade. Christian goes for a huge ladder, but Shelton attacks and launches Christian into the barricade. Shelton goes for yet another ladder, but Christian jumps from the second rope to the outside on top of Benjamin.

Christian is able to set up a ladder in the ring, but when he tries to climb up it, Shelton is in to break things up. Christian tries for a monkey flip, but Benjamin lands on his feet and launches himself up the ladder, Christian pulls Shelton down and sends him to the outside. Christian grabs a ladder and looks to throw it down on Shelton, but Shelton pulls Christian’s feet out from under him and the ladder lands on Christian’s face.

Trainers are in as apparently Christian has been busted open. The trainer gets huge boos and Shelton argues with the referee to buy time. The crowd starts a ‘We Want Blood’ chant and Benjamin climbs a ladder on the outside. Christian pushes off the trainer and sends Benjamin into the crowd. Christian goes for another ladder, but Benjamin is climbing back up on the ladder on the outside. Benjamin dives off with a somersault on top of Christian and both men are down.

Benjamin is first to his feet and he begins disassembling the announce table. Benjamin props a ladder up between the ring apron and the ladder. Christian tries to Irish whip Benjamin into the ladder, but Shelton ducks and grabs Christian’s legs, trying for a slingshot, but Christian fights back and launches Shelton into yet another ladder on the outside.

Back in the ring, Shelton sends Christian into a ladder in the corner, before putting Christian in the corner and props the ladder on top of Christian. Shelton charges, but Christian sends the ladder back into Benjamin. Christian tries to climb the ladder, but Benjamin knocks it over and hits Christian with a huge kick. Benjamin sets the ladder against the ropes and slams Christian’s head into it repeatedly.

Benjamin sets up the ladder and begins the climb but Christian is right behind him. Christian hits a big reverse DDT from the ladder to the ring and both men are down.

Christian begins climbing the ladder, but Shelton begins climbing the turnbuckle. Christian sees it coming, so he drops down and grabs the ladder, trying to ram it into Bejamin. Benjamin ends up on the ladder, almost to the title, but Christian tips it over. Benjamin lands on the ropes, standing, and he rights the ladder, before tipping himself over and landing on Christian with a hugh clothesline.

Benjamin climbs and had a hand on the title, but Christian is in and he climbs over Benjamin to get his hand on the title. Benjamin counters with a big modified gutbuster from the ladder to the ring.

Benjamin climbs the ladder again and he actually manages to get both hands on the title, but Christian takes the ladder out from under his feet. Christian puts another ladder down and he knocks Benjamin off the title, but Benjamin takes the ladder out from under Christian. Christian hangs from the belt, and Shelton jumps up grabbing his feet. Christian falls straight into powerbomb position and Shelton launches him into a ladder in the corner. Both men are on top of the ladder. Shelton tries for a sunset bomb from the top of the ladder, but Christian counters. Both men fight on the ring apron, near the ladder that was propped up earlier and Shelton tries to catch Christian with a German suplex, but Christian counters with a kick that sends Shelton on top of the ladder. Christian climbs to the top turnbuckle and crashes through Shelton and the ladder with a huge frog splash.

Christian climbs the ladder in the middle of the ring, grabs his title, and wins the match.

Winner: Christian

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Drew McIntyre vs. John Morrison

We go to the ring for the next match and out first comes the challenger, Drew McIntyre. The WWE Intercontinental Champion John Morrison is out next to a nice pop. The bell rings and here we go.

Morrison and McIntyre lock up with Drew backing up Morrison into the corner. Another lock up and Morrison comes out with an arm bar, but he’s quickly put down by a punch to the face from McIntyre. McIntyre locks in a modified front face lock, but Morrison works his way out and hits an arm drag. Morrison connects with a beautiful hurricanrana followed by a stiff kick to the back, but a pin attempt only gains a two count. McIntyre bails to the outside.

Morrison follows McIntyre out, but when he tries to surprise Drew, he ends up being launches face first into the steel ring post. Back in the ring, McIntyre slams Morrison’s head into the top turnbuckle and goes to work, punching and stomping away at Morrison.

McIntyre locks in the same modified front face lock, but Morrison fights out with a series of forearms and kicks. It doesn’t last for long though as soon Drew is punishing Morrison with clotheslines in the corner before McIntyre hits a big suplex, then right back into the same submission.

Morrison fights out again, but he falls victim to a big boot from McIntyre. McIntyre pounds on Morrison and tries for a couple of pin attempts, but he can’t get three. McIntyre locks in the same submission, but this time he has Morrison’s face pressed to the canvas. Morrison fights out again, and this time he’s able to put McIntyre down with a huge DDT counter and both men are down.

Morrison punches away at McIntyre, sending him down to the mat with a clothesline and a weird high knee. Morrison climbs to the top and hits a big missile dropkick, but when he goes for the pin Drew kicks out at two.

McIntyre goes to work on Morrison’s leg before hitting an inverted Alabama Slam, but it’s still not enough to keep Morrison down. McIntyre picks up Morrison, but he ends up being dropkicked through the ropes by Morrison. Morrison follows to the outside where he sends McIntyre into the barricade with a drop toe hold before jumping up to the ring apron and launching off with a huge kick.

Back in the ring, Morrison goes for the Starship Pain, but he launches himself too far and barely lands on McIntyre. Morrison goes for the pin, but McIntyre’s leg is under the rope. Morrison stomps away at McIntyre, but he takes off his belt and the ref turns his back to toss it out of the ring. McIntyre pokes Morrison in the eye and connects with his double arm DDT. McIntyre pins Morrison and we have a new champion.

Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Champion: Drew McIntyre

- We go backstage where Drew McIntyre is being interviewed after winning the IC title. Sheamus walks up and says as a fellow newcomer, that was impressive. Sheamus says he is leaving tonight a Champion also. We go to ringside.

WWE Women’s Title Match: Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool

Out first for the next match is the challenger, Mickie James to a nice pop. Out next is the WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool with Layla at her side. We go to replays of the Piggy James segment last month.

Mickie tries to attack McCool right off the bat, but McCool bails to the floor and demands the ref back her up. McCool is slow to get back in the ring, where she finally locks up with James. Mickie takes McCool down, while still locked up, and the two actually roll to the outside, where they slam each other into the barricade and the ring apron, before staring each other down and making their way back into the ring.

Mickie takes McCool down and scores a couple of quick near falls, but when she goes for a crucifix, McCool gets her in Alabama slam position and backs up into the corner, squashing Mickie. McCool kicks away at Mickie, before trying for a pin, but only scoring a near fall.

McCool locks in a rear chin lock, and when Mickie tries to fight her way out, McCool stomps down on her. McCool kicks away at James before burying her knee in Mickie’s back.

Mickie is able to fight back with a couple of big right hands, but when she goes for a hurricanrana, McCool counters with a big backbreaker that’s good for a near fall. Mickie almost surprises McCool with a small package, but McCool kicks out and sends Mickie to the floor. McCool follows out, where she launches Mickie into the barricade.

McCool tries to knee Mickie, but James ducks and McCool’s knee connects with the barricade. Mickie connects with a hurricanrana and a Thesz press before moving things back in the ring. Mickie hits another Thesz press that’s good for a near fall, and she follows it up with a series of clotheslines. Mickie tries for a head scissors, but McCool sends her to the apron. Layla gets involved, and she ends up eating a big boot from McCool. Mickie tries to surprise her with a roll up, but McCool kicks out, hits a huge kick to the chest, and pins Mickie for the three count.

Winner: Michelle McCool

- The announcers hype tonight’s Tables Match for the WWE Title. We go to a video showing the happenings between John Cena and Sheamus on RAW.

Tables Match for the WWE Title: Sheamus vs. John Cena

We go to the ring where Sheamus makes his way out first. Out next is the WWE Champion John Cena to a huge pop from the crowd.

Sheamus tells Cena to bring it on at the outset of the match. Cena comes with a series of punches before he slams Sheamus’ head into the turnbuckle and follows up with a bulldog. Cena continues to pound on Sheamus, but when he charges Cena in the corner, Sheamus hits a shoulder block and follows it up with a big kick. Sheamus hits a suplex, and he mounts Cena, punching away at his head.

Sheamus goes to the outside for a table, but Cena is right behind him and he sends him into the announce table, slamming his head repeatedly into the table. Cena pucks up Sheamus and sends him chest first into the barricade. Sheamus battles back and sends Cena shoulder first into the steel ring post. Sheamust tries to Irish whip Cena, but Cena reverses it and sends Sheamus into the ring steps.

Cena pulls a table out from under the ring and he sets it up on the arena floor. Cena picks Sheamus up and props him on the table before he climbs to the top turnbuckle. Sheamus jumps off the table before Cena can jump, but Cena gives chase. Sheamus rolls back into the ring, and while Cena is climbing in, Sheamus stomps away at him. Sheamus picks up Cena and hits a big running powerslam.

Sheamus pounds away on Cena, who’s standing on the ring apron, holding onto the ropes so he won’t go through the table. Cena fights back and gets Sheamus in AA position, but Sheamus fights out and sends Cena head first into the turnbuckle.

Both men go to the outside, where Sheamus pushes Cena into the ring apron hard before slamming his head into the steel ring steps. Sheamus tries to punch Cena, but Cena blocks and hits Sheamus with a punch of his own before sending him head first into the ring steps. Cena gets Sheamus up into AA position again, but Sheamus fights out and gets Cena in powebomb position. Sheamus picks him up, but Cena counters out and fights Sheamus to the top of the ramps. Sheamus tries for a desperation suplex, but Cena reverses it and suplexes Sheamus on the entrance ramp.

Cena goes back to the ringside area to grab the table, which he puts on his shoulder. Cena tries to slam the table down on top of Sheamus, but Sheamus moves. Cena follows and quickly slams his head into the barricade. Sheamus and Cena fight out into the crowd, but it’s brief as Cena quickly clotheslines Sheamus over the barricade back into the ringside area.

Cena sends Sheamus back into the ring before going under the ring to grab another table. Cena sets up the table on the outside, but when he comes back into the ring he quickly falls victim to the Irish Curse kick.

Sheamus goes to the outside, where he grabs a table and makes his way back into the ring. Sheamus props the table up in the corner. Sheamus picks up Cena, but Cena counters out and hits a couple of big shoulder blocks before following up with a side belly to back suplex. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle, but Sheamus gets to his feet and sends the table to the outside. Cena hits the AA and he drags Sheamus closer to the ring apron.

Cena goes to the outside where he grabs another table to bring back into the ring. Cena sets up the table in the middle of the ring (it seems like he’s moving in slow motion). Cena puts Sheamus on the top turnbuckle, and Cena tries to get Sheamus in Attitude Adjustment position on the second rope. Sheamus fights out and Cena falls to the mat. Cena and Sheamus trade blows with Sheamus still on the top turnbuckle. Cena tries for a superplex, but Sheamus pushes him off, through the table.

Winner and New WWE Champion: Sheamus

- After the match, Sheamus celebrates with the WWE Championship. The new Champion heads up the ramp and to the back. John Cena sits up in the ring and looks disgusted. We see a shot of a kid in the crowd crying. Cena picks something up from the smashed table and walks to the back with his head down.

Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Batista vs. The Undertaker

After some promos, we go to the ring for the next match where all chairs are legal. Out first is Batista. The bells toll and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion. The Undertaker makes his grand entrance before we get formal ring introductions.

Cole announces that while chairs are legal in this match for use as a weapon, you can be disqualified for other reasons and there are countouts.

Batista bails to the floor at the sound of the bell and goes right for a chair, but Undertaker doesn’t allow him to use it. Back in the ring Undertaker hits a quick clothesline before pounding on Batista in the corner. Taker stomps away at Batista for a bit before sending him head first into the turnbuckle. Batista is able to fight back with a clothesline of his own, but when he goes for the pin, Taker kicks out at one. Taker sends Batista to the outside.

Taker sends Batista head first into the steel steps, but when Taker goes for a chair shot, Batista buries his foot in Taker’s midsection and sends him head first into the stairs. Batista tries to send Taker into the barricade, but Taker reverses it and Batista ends up flipping over into the timekeeper’s area. Taker tosses a couple of chairs in the ring, but when he goes for a big kick on Batista, Batista ducks and Taker ends up being hung up on the barricade. Batista hits Taker with a big chair shot and uses the chair to choke the Undertaker.

Batista sends Taker into the ring post and he tries to hit him with a chair, but Taker ducks and the momentum shifts. Taker sets Batista up for his big apron leg drop and he hits it. Back in the ring, Taker goes for the cover but Batista kicks out at two. Taker tries for Old School, but Batista counters and Taker ends up sitting on the top turnbuckle. Batista tries for a superplex, and after a little bit of fighting, he’s able to connect, but again it’s only good enough for a two count.

Batista sets a chair down in the middle of the ring and he tries for the Batista bomb, but Taker counters with a back body drop sending Batista down on top of the chair. Taker and Batista trade blows in the middle of the ring with Taker getting the advantage, but it doesn’t last long as Batista fights back with a big spinebuster that’s good for a near fall.

Batista wedges a chair in between the top and middle turnbuckle before going back to pounding on Taker. Batista tries for a clothesline, but Taker ducks and comes back with a leaping clothesline of his own. Taker hits a nasty shoulderblock and goes for Old School again, connecting this time.

Taker hits snake eyes in the corner on Batista, but Batista comes right back with a spear. Batista tries for a cover, but he can’t hold Taker down for the three count. Batista picks up Taker and drives him down on a chair with a big spine buster. Batista teases the Batista bomb, but he finds himself caught in the Hell’s gate out of nowhere. Batista is able to fall over into the ropes and force a break of the submission.

Batista bails to the floor to recover and when Taker tries to follow out after him, Batista hits Taker with a chair shot to the throat. Back in the ring, Batista tries for a spear, but Taker moves and Batista connects with the chair he set up in the corner earlier. Taker tries for a pin but Batista kicks out at two. Taker signals for the chokeslam, and he connects, but again Batista kicks out at two.

Taker tries for the tombstone, but Batista counters out and pushes Taker toward the ref. The ref turns his back and Batista uses the opportunity to hit a low blow. Batista hits a huge chair shot straight to Taker’s head. He pins Taker and gets a three count.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

After the match, Teddy Long is out and he says that even though the usage of chairs is legal, a blatant foul is not. Long says he won’t allow the World Heavyweight Championship to change hands on such a cheap act, so this match will be restarted.

Batista tries to get a quick chair shot, but Taker gets his foot up. Taker hits a chair shot of his own and follows up with a tombstone. Taker pins Batista and this one is over.

Winner: The Undertaker

- We go to a video package showing events leading up to this “rubber” match between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton. We go backstage where Kofi is getting ready. Legacy walks up. Kofi refers to them as Orton’s sidekicks and they don’t like it. Kofi starts to give them a message for Orton but says he has a better idea. Kofi walks to Orton’s dressing room and confronts him. Kofi says Orton doesn’t deserve a title shot and talks about tonight. We go to the ring.

Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston

Voices plays as Randy Orton makes his way to the ring first for the next match. Kofi Kingston is out next to a nice pop from the crowd. Orton looks on as Kofi enters the ring.

Orton and Kingston are quick to lock up, with Orton locking in a side headlock and taking Kingston down to the mat, keeping the hold locked in. Kingston is able to fight out with a head scissors and both men make their way back to their feet. Orton locks in a quick hammerlock, but Kingston fights out of it. Orton backs Kingston up and he pounds on him in the corner for a bit.

Orton sends Kofi into the corner, but when he follows in Kingston hits him with a big kick. Kingston charges Orton, but he falls victim to a powerslam. Orton locks in a rear chin lock, cranking down when Kingston tries to fight out. Kingston is eventually able to get out of it and he hits Orton with a series of right hands in the corner, before trying for a quick sunset flip. Kingston hits a Russian leg sweep and he tries for the boom drop, but Orton bails to the floor. Kingston follows out and he tries to hit Orton with a crazy cross body block, but Orton counters with a sick drop kick to Kofi’s ribs.

Orton picks Kofi up and puts him down ribs first on the barricade, doing further damage. Orton sends Kingston back into the ring and he tries for the pin, but Kingston kicks out at two. Orton stomps away at Kingston’s midsection, continuing to work over the ribs.

Kingston tries to fight back with a couple of right hands, but it doesn’t last long as Orton suplexes Kofi ribs first into the ring ropes. Orton hits a high knee drop, and tries for a pin, but Kingston kicks out at two.

Orton kicks at Kofi’s ribs and hits a big European uppercut. Kingston works his way back to his feet, ducks a fist from Orton and connects with the SOS.

Kingston tries for a pin, but Orton is able to kick out at two. When Orton gets back to his feet, he’s quickly clotheslined to the outside. Kofi follows with a suicide dive through the ropes onto Orton. Kingston sends Orton back into the ring and he goes to the top turnbuckle. Kofi hits a beautiful cross body, but again it’s only good for two Kofi chops away at Orton’s chest before connecting with a leaping lariat. Orton sends Kingston into the corner, but Kingston counters by jumping off the ropes with a big chop to the head.

Orton is able to connect with his crazy backbreaker, and he begins stalking Kofi. Orton looks to be going to the RKO, but Kofi counters with a high dropkick. Kofi hits the boom drop, and follows with up with trouble in Paradise. Kingston goes for the pin, but Orton is able to grab the bottom rope and break up the pin. Orton bails to the outside and Kingston is quick to follow.

Kingston struggles to get Orton back into the ring, and when Kingston tries to follow, Orton springs up and hits his rope assisted DDT and both men are down.

Orton is back to his feet first and he’s stalking Kingston yet again. Orton goes for the punt, but Kingston is able to get up his arm to block the shot. Orton goes for a single arm DDT, doing even more damage to Kingston’s arm. Kingston gets back up and tries to surprise Orton with the trouble in Paradise, but Orton blocks. Orton picks Kofi back up, hits an RKO, pins Kofi and this one’s over.

Winner: Randy Orton

- We go backstage where Batista is yelling at Teddy Long. He says he was robbed and it was Teddy’s fault. Batista wants Teddy to make this right. Batista swings a chair at the wall and says if it’s not right, next time he will swing it at Teddy’s head.

TLC Match for the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles: DX vs. Chris Jericho and Big Show

We go to the ring where one set of the Unified Tag Titles are hanging above the ring. Out first for tonight’s main event is DX. There are tables and ladders setup around the ring. Out next are the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho and Big Show.

All four men stare each other down at the beginning of the match, until Show shoves HHH and Michaels shoves Jericho. The fight is on as Show and HHH bail to the floor, where Show sends Triple H into the barricade. Back in the ring, HBK hits Jericho with a neckbreaker. On the outside, Show tries for a clothesline, but Triple H ducks and Show ends up in the crowd.

HHH grabs a table that he props up on the barricade as Michaels and Jericho continue to fight in the ring. Big Show is back up and he punches Triple H, fighting with him part of the way up the entrance ramp. Michaels and Jericho make their way to the outside, where HBK ends up eating ring post. Jericho tries to suplex Michaels through a table, but Michaels won’t go down. Michaels reverses out of the suplex and sends Jericho back in the ring.

Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho but HBK fights out and heads to the top rope. Michaels tries for a top rope elbow drop, but Jericho is able to get his knees up. Jericho grabs a ladder while HHH and Show fight at the top of the ramp. Jericho tries to intervene, grabbing a chair and going after HHH, but HHH blocks and tries for the pedigree. Jericho counters out with a backdrop sending HHH crashing down on the entrance ramp.

Jericho and Michaels both go for chair shots, with the chairs colliding, and Michaels comes out on top, then turning to hit Show. Show puts down Michaels and he and Jericho make their way down to the ringside area. Show grabs a ladder and Jericho hops into the ring.

DX are down to break things up, and HHH pounds on Jericho in the corner. HHH picks up the ladder and drives it into Jericho’s midsection.

DX double team Jericho in the ring, Michaels puts him down with a body slam before DX slam the ladder down on top of Jericho’s back. DX then use the ladder as a battering ram straight into Show’s face. DX set up the ladder under the titles and HBK begins the climb. Show is back in the ring to break things up, sending HHH down and pulling HBK off the ladder. Show pounds on HHH in the corner while Jericho brings in another ladder and slams Michael’s head down onto it. Jericho hits a baseball slide into the ladder into Michaels, sending Michaels to the floor.

Jericho bulldogs HHH on top of the ladder, doing damage to the ribs. Show props the ladder up in the corner as Jericho sends Michaels back down to the floor. Jericho sends HHH into the ladder in the corner with an Irish whip, before Show body slams HHH into the ladder. Show hangs up HHH by his leg, upside down in the ladder, before sending HBK into the ladder, and HHH, with a big Irish whip.

Jericho gets HHH out of the ladder, and tries for another Irish whip into said ladder, but HHH reverses it, sending Jericho to the floor. HHH dodges a splash in the corner from show before hitting a facebreaker. HHH picks up the ladder and hits Big Show in the head before throwing it to the outside on top of Jericho. Show tries for a chokeslam, but HHH counters into a DDT, setting Show up for a top rope elbow drop from Michaels. HBK tries for Sweet chin music, but Jericho ducks it and hits a codebreaker. Jericho walks right into a spinebuster from HHH, who quickly falls victim to a spear from Show.

Show grabs a ladder and sets it up under the titles. Show starts the slow climb up the ladder, scared that the ladder will collapse, but HHH is in with a big chair shot. Big Show just looks angry as he makes his way down the ladder. Show hits HHH’s chair straight into HHH’s face. Show tries to climb the ladder again, but this time, both members of DX push the ladder over into the ropes. Show walks straight into a Pedigree with an assist from Michaels.

HBK sets up the ladder, and he almost gets to the top before Jericho tips the ladder over, sending Michaels crashing to the outside on top of Show. Jericho rights the ladder and starts to climb up, but HHH is in to break things up. HHH finally pulls Jericho off the ladder and plants him with a big powerbomb. Now HHH is going to climb the ladder for the titles, but Big Show is back in the ring and he plucks HHH off the ladder and takes him down with a big chokeslam.

Big Show destroys the ladder currently in the ring before tossing it to the outside. Show pounds on HHH in the corner with some massive right hands and a big headbutt. Show puts HHH down with a big body slam and Jericho grabs another ladder from under the ring. Jericho and Show wedge DX in between the ladder. Show holds the ladder down on top of DX while Jericho wails away at the ladder with a chair. Big Show rips the ladder apart with his bare hands, sending half to the floor and leaving half of it in the ring. JeriShow sends DX to the floor, where Show follows. Show chokeslams Michaels into HHH through a table.

Jericho climbs on top of Big Shows shoulders, trying to reach the titles, but DX make their way back into the ring. HBK hits Show with SCM, sending Jericho crashing to the outside. Michaels hits a second SCM on Big Show before DX pick up the half ladder and send Show over the top to the outside. HHH holds up the half of the ladder as Michaels climbs up toward the titles. Michaels is able to unhook the titles and we have new champions.

Winners and New Unified Tag Team Champions: DX

- After the match, DX pose in the ring with their first-ever tag team titles together and the usual DX pyro. TLC goes off the air with DX celebrating in the ring.

  • Affaan

    People like sheamus should be thrown out of the arena, not to be allowed the entry should be banned from entire wwe. but if he shows some respect to the camaramen commentrators like The King Lawler atlest. he can show his Arrogance to the seniors superstors like The Animal, The Undertaker, RKO, HHH, CMP. Putting somebody across tables doesnt make a realy CHAMP……

    Cena is the real CHAMP…, Sheamus, challange him in a regular match.. i bet u’ll loose

  • Affaan

    there is something fishy abt the campionships……….

    i totally disagree with this…………

    Cena is really hard to pindown or tapout…..

    he should get a rematch….. sheamus is ruthless. the Champ must be like cena, who never cheated on anybody, he is really honesty as he displays

  • Pennywise

    Is it just me or is McCool trying to be like AJ Styles, first she borrows the style clash, now she’s somewhat copying his entrance and entrance attire. I might be just me, I dunno

  • scooter

    @db yes you can deny it but thats the only REAL reason for the hatred if it wasn’t hogan would have been hated when he first won the world title but he wasn’t because he’s a yank nuff said

  • db

    @ scooter
    No one ever said it had to do about where they’re from. No one cares that they’re not American, so don’t go assuming things.

  • Dan

    Dx in the main event?? WTF?? I guess the 2 world heavyweight championships don’t mean anything if Triple H isn’t wearing them. Seriously do you think the tag team championships would be in the mainevent if Triple H was the champ?? IDFTS! This kind of crap makes me not want to watch wrestling anymore. They had a good thing going with JeriShow & they had to give it to the tired gimmick of DX

  • Julia

    I Agree Sheamus’s win was a FLUCK! Clearly Cena is champion at Tribute to the Troops NOT Sheamus! WWE Is making a HUGE mistake gettin Sheamus going this fast I mean didn’t they learn there lesson with Leasner! It’s clear that DX is running the show now, but DX doesn’t hate Cena so he will be champion again. Besides it was this site that said there’s going to or supposed a Cena vs. Jericho match for the WWE title so CLEARLY Sheamus’s title win I don’t think is going to last In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he losses the title tonight because again at Tribute to the Troops Cena is clearly the champion and it was said Sheamus wasn’t even there! Also to scooter’s comment Wrong I don’t hate Sheamus because he’s not American I hate Sheamus because he hasn’t proven himself by beating up on people in lower-mid card status, and he DIDN’T PIN Cena he just got lucky! There are a hand full of others that should have got this change, Swagger, Kofi, Ted, Cody…Carlito!

  • nick

    ugh does this mean the cena/sheamus feud is going to continue?… 2009 has been the year of the never-ending rivalries

  • scooter

    in response to the morons above me if mcintyre and seamus were american they would not get this hatred

  • Michael


  • Chris

    I just cant understand why they would give Sheamus the title so early. Yes at some point, but why now? They havent exactly built him up to make him good. All hes done on Raw was to beat Noble and they are just handing out title shots…i mean, wtf? They book Cena to win against all those different superstars over the past few years, then gets beaten by a guy who beat a jobber on raw and gets given a title shot.

    They could have at least built him up, beating more people, then onto the mid card range and then upto main event, rather than go, ‘Cena beats HHH and HBK, but oh wait he cant beat a noob.’ Seems a little stupid?

  • Jeff

    I think u all should stop crying about cena lose the belt he lose it about time
    now u going to cena crying and his fan saying bullshit
    I am glad that cena lost and I am also glad that Randy won
    now Vince should give new people a chance btw u are going cena vs the undertaker I can’t wait

  • Craig

    Pure Bull, a good thing about JoMo losing the IC title is that now til WM 26 they will begin his massive push to the main event. though i do agree Ziggler should have it instead of McIntrye but i think if you give McIntyre a chance, he’ll be good.

    As for Sheamus, no one would have seen this coming i don’t think. it will give a little spice, his reign wont be anything to remember but will put a little life into the WWE title picture.

  • Bazerko

    Pure Bull you make very strong points..however I do have to disagree with you on one. It’s not Vince’s Celtic roots that made him do this…it was the guy who married and his daughter and bore him two granddaughters…lol When it comes to Sheamus and the WWE title it will be nothing more than Edge circa 2006 when he held the belt for two weeks and then lost it right back to Cena at the Royal Rumble. Either way, Cena is walking into Wrestlemania 26 as champion so in the short term I guess it makes sense for the switch.

  • Notingham

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing that Shaemus got the win.. Botch or not… It’s a new direction. People are always wishing they’d give someone else a title run.. That they’d do something unexpected.. Well here you go.

    I agree that guys just shouldn’t be given the title this soon.. Which is why Morrison even needs a little more dues paying before he’s a world title guy… But the rules have changed so to speak. You no longer have a smaller roster, you have a mega roster where everyone needs pushes with limited time.

    All in all it was a good result show. You now have DX on both shows… Morrison is free to go after bigger and better things.. And the Shaemus angle could be interesting.

  • Pure Bull

    See the name? ^ That’s what the decision to have McIntyre win the Intercontinental Title was. Seriously, tho: why are they so high up on this kid as to have him beat one of their rising stars?

    Vince: “Why can’t we make stars?!”
    Cuz you sabotage em with ish like this. Morrison is supposedly on his way to legitimate stardom but then he loses to a newbie who can’t beat anyone clean, has no real skill, and is getting a monster push for no real reason? While I admit that Morrison’s run was getting stale, give it Ziggler, he’s actually had impressive matches, not Dur-rooh Mac En-tire.

    As for Sheamus, I don’t know what to say. Raw does need someone like him tho, but Cena is filmed with the title in Tribute to the Troops, so maybe Sheamus will have a Big Show/Kane run with the WWE title; only a daylong and nothing more.

    Anyone else think its kinda weird that with Vince’s Celtic heritage, these two Modern Celts, Sheamus (Irish) and McIntyre (Scots) are getting huge pushes?….

  • Thumper!

    How ironic that Drew McIntyre, Shameus, and DX all became champions on the same night.

    Yeah it looks like DX is running WWE for now….

  • Joey

    Also as much as I think Cenas time as champion should be over it wrong for them to put the title on Sheamus. It makes the WWE Title look weak (which was already looking pretty weak). WWE keeps changing its objectives which is clear as day to see. We know they want to be PG but the way in which they are going about it is baffling. They need to stick to a gameplan like they did in the late 90s when they told the wrestlers to take their gimmick by the throat and spring some life into it. Now Vince is worried about a talent going to another company and using the same name, moves, character etc. This leads to writers scripting EVERYTHING thus the product being boring. They then throw a spanner in the works thinking they can catch us out but we all know how it will play out. If John Morrison (who I’m not a fan of by the way) was 2 inches taller and wider he would be World Champ by now. We have gone full circle back to the 80s and early 90s where the undercards have the best matches and the title matches are sold on star power and gimmicks. Although this era was entertaining I was also a kid and can now see why the adults around me found it boring and predictable. Exactly the same as I do now.

  • Chris E

    They already mentioned the plan was for Sheamus to go over Cena on this very site! I didn’t see the match but I wouldn’t be suprised if the ending was botched. Shows how fast you can get elevated to the top by hanging out with the right people.

    McCool gets a clean win over Mickie? WTH?

  • Joey

    Twice the tables didn’t break once in Sheamus’ match and again in the main event involving Jericho. That TLC match wasn’t the best. Some innovative spots but hardly any action.

  • Ryan

    Perhaps Sir Williams. But wow, think about this. It has been said that HBK and HHH are high on Mcyintire and Sheamus.

    At the end of this ppv we have

    Mcyntire as champ
    Sheamus as Champ
    HHH/HBK as champs.


  • Sir William

    Lemme be the first to say, Shameaus’s title win was definetely a BOTCH. They were obviously supposed to fall through separate tables at the same time. That’s why Shameus fell off the rope, and that’s why there was a table set up which he flipped but did not break. I’m almost positive that his title win was a botch, which is one of the BIGGEST botches ever!!! Also, Cena still has the title on Tribute to the Troops?? It all points towards his title win being a fluke. It was supposed to be a draw, with Cena ost likely retaining, and Shameus not looking weak. But wow. That’s not how it happened.

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