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Future Plans for Daniel Bryan and the WWE World Heavyweight Title Revealed

– While there is still a lot of concern over Daniel Bryan within WWE, he will still be groomed for a feud with Brock Lesnar when he returns.

It’s said that “the long-term destination is still what the old destination was” and Money In the Bank could be a “temporary detour.” The long-term plans are still for Bryan to be the champion.

As of Monday, WWE is still looking at having Bryan do another run with the WWE World Heavyweight Title later this year. If something happens and Bryan can’t return at SummerSlam or before then, it’s said that the plans they have for him will change.



    I cnt stress enough how outplayed it feels to have him as champ his reactions seem kind of forced now because hey when Daniel Bryan comes you yes and it’s just not hyped up as usual so maybe this lil break will do him some good glad to see cena isn’t champ again but where are the new talents where is the suspense. I mean it’s pretty easy to keep things off the internet if u dnt use it. Bring back some old bring in some new expand ur constantly decreasing the roster but not bringing any freshness Daniel Bryan is starting to feel alil old now