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Future of WWE Superstars, Possible WWE Animated Projects, Trish, More

– Former WWE star Dan Spivey and former WCW star Erik Watts(not the Tough Enough competitor) were also in town for WrestleMania this past weekend.

– Current plans for WWE Superstars now that it’s finished on WGN America is to air the show internationally and on WWE’s YouTube channel.

– Trish Stratus will be promoting WWE Tough Enough tomorrow morning between 7 and 9am on The Today Show.

– WWE may be creating animated projects around Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. There is also talk of using Mattel’s Rumblers figures in some kind of animated project.

Source: PWInsider

  • Bill

    What ever happened to Santino’s sitcom?

  • M.C.

    I’d wanna see a Jerishow cartoon. I think those two could be funny, you know? have them be roomates in a suburb or something, with Kane as their neighbor or something.

  • 808notsogreat

    I don’t know about the link policy, but I’m going to leave this here.

  • 808notsogreat

    @M.C. yah, that the only other episode they made. I heard something about WWE getting sued by Comedy Central for some reason about that. It’s a shame too cause it had one of the best theme songs ever.

    I’m sure everyone learned their lesson from the supremely awful Rock N’ Wrestling Connection cartoon. Just…omigosh. Just damn awful.

  • CiB

    @ Slack

    And it was fucking dreadfull! Years of trauma have now been brought back. You have no idea what you’ve just done to my poor therapist.

    (Note: bits of this post may be an exageration)

  • Slack

    There use to be a WWF cartoon. It had Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, and others

  • M.C.

    @808notsogreat, I remember that. I liked the thanksgiving one where mcmahon’s ass brought turkey for everyone. If they create a WWE cartoon, at least put the majority of the roster on it(Cena, Miz, Punk, Santino, Big Show, etc.)

  • Sammo

    I thought the Rumbler Rey Mysterio figure was just a regular action figure of him at first…

  • Taint Smellsfowl

    Yeah each week they can mow a different superstars lawn and get into crazy adventures!!! Or ala Pinky (Sin Cara) and the Brain(Rey) they can try and (take)cross over the (world) border each week and fail!! LMFAO!!!

  • Justin

    Oh man, if it’s only going to be Rey and Sin Cara, then it’s gotta be some sort of Don Quixote cartoon in SAP.

  • 808notsogreat

    Anyone remember the animated shorts of Mr McMahon and his Ass? I wish they could have ran with that for a while. Who doesn’t like seeing his ass put Mel Gibson in a headlock?

  • HeartBreakHill

    I can totally see Rey and Sin Cara in an animated action show a la DragonBall. Flying through the air and spouting off high energy attacks.

    Could be good…