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Gail Kim Discusses Her Recent Heel Turn and Why She Returned to TNA

– TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim recently spoke with The Sun in the UK. Here are some highlights:

Her recent heel turn:
“My first half of my career I was a heel. I then stayed a babyface for a long time, five or six years, and you always want to be refreshing, to have a change. I wanted to explore that. Vince Russo talked to me about it, and I said I was on the same wavelength.”

Returning to TNA:
“It was easy because I had such a great experience the first time. The way the woman’s division is portrayed here – this is what I love to do. Be in the ring, and show what I can do in that ring. The division over here is so strong, and the girls are so talented. There is a great group of women here and I just wanted to be part of it and contribute.”

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Hell I dont even see where she ever mentioned WWE in this article. Am I missing something?

    @Eddy—-The Grand canyon is old to but still millions of people go to see it every year. Ok Ill move on to something else—–She has tiny tits.

  • venom


    Yes, Kim said nothing bad on here. But when she goes on twitter, she repeats the same thing.

  • poko

    So … how should she answer these interview questions? Should she lie? And what should she say on her own twitter account? Should she check with those who don’t like her first about what she shouldn’t say? She didn’t even say anything negative here, and people are still bitching? Bloody hell.

    If you’re so angry at her because you take anything negative said about the WWE as a personal insult, then why are you reading her interview?

  • CC

    Yes Eddy, but when she goes out of her way to bitch on twatter or wherever, its nothing to do with people asking a question.
    The reason people complain about people like Gail is that she is a whiney cow who needs to shut up about the past and look to the future instead.
    Do you think she is the first and only person to be treated shit by WWE? Yet she is the one that wont stop talking about it while others move on with their lives.

  • Eddy

    tombstone …Its getting old bro^^^^
    ok she has no ass
    move on to somethingelse

    @ Rick Gilbert have u ever heard of a question?
    Thats y she keeps talking about, if they ask she answers.

    U guys r so quick to shit on the wwe product, but once someone leaves
    and yapps about how shitty it is u guys complain about them.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    ^^^^^Sorry I just couldnt resist. LOL

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    I havent watched tna lately or seen Gail lately, I just wanna ask one question please—————————————-Has she grown an ass yet?

  • I’m surprised she’s still yapping about this subject. Maybe Gail Kim should go on tour and tell the story of how great TNA is and how horribly she was misused in WWE.

    Not that I disagree with her but the way she quite the WWE was unprofessional and as for her interviews go, seems to me I’ve heard this song before. In fact I think her needle is stuck in a groove.

  • venom

    I never heard she was with Bret. I am surprised she wasn’t complaining about WWE.

  • poko

    From what she said in previous interviews, the WWE made a lot of promises about what they were planning to do with the Diva’s division, but changed plans down the road. Not surprising, of course, not in that business, and Vince seeming to change his mind on a nightly basis. You can call her naive for believing it, but I don’t think you can blame her for wanting to go back to the big leagues.

    Oh, and yeah, she was really good when she played a heel in TNA previously.

  • Kawika

    Well easy TNA may showcase the female talents better but wwe pays more and she wanted to be paid and at the time TNA wasn’t going to pay her what she wanted plus she was going out with Bret and WWE was negotiating to bring him back and maybe she figured they use her more to make him happy.

  • mark

    I was going to ask her the same question?? I agree she was misused in WWE however and should have been given a title run. she was a wasted talent

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Then why did you leave TNA and go back to WWE?