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Gail Kim On Quitting WWE – “I Wasn’t Going To Be Unhappy Anymore”

Speaking to Power Slam, Gail Kim explains why she deliberately eliminated herself from the Divas Battle Royal on the August 1, 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw.

“I have no regrets. They didn’t care. It didn’t affect the outcome of the match. If it was going to affect the outcome of the match, I wouldn’t have done it. It got to the point where … it’s just what I did, you know. Like I said, I don’t have any regrets.”

Kim quit WWE that night; she says it felt good.

“You know why? It was about my life and my happiness at that point, and having control of my life again. It felt good to know that I made that decision for myself. I wasn’t going to be unhappy anymore. And, most of all, I just wanted to wrestle again.

“The day that I told Johnny [John Laurinaitis) that I quit was a relief. He asked me why, and I said to him, “Really? Are you really asking me why?” And he knew: he knew my frustration. I know a lot of wrestlers are very happy in WWE. But, in my case, I had to move on.”

Kim was also asked whether her success in TNA Wrestling worked against her during her second run with WWE.

Hmmm. I’m not sure. You always hear things about how that company thinks. I really don’t know. You know, that’s the whole reason they hired me back, because of the success I had in TNA. Kharma/Kong, she may not have even got hired, if it wasn’t for those matches we had in TNA. That’s what made our names in women’s wrestling at that time.”

She continues, “It’s funny that they knew we could do something like what we did in TNA and they didn’t do it. I don’t know what to say. But I can’t care about that now. I’m just trying to do the best with what I’m given now, and that’s on Impact Wrestling.”

  • adam

    Ya the thing about Lita going to tna. The thing you said if the money is right. WWE could always lighten the schdule and have the superstar only work live raw’s or smackdowns and ppv’s. Tna cant magically produce money they dont have to offer these stars the money there used to. Thats why tna has never pulled the big star aside from kurt angle away. And with angle its different because he did it for the same reason jeff and RVD did lack of drug testing. But honestly wwe could have anyone on the TNA roster only one im really intested in is Joe because tna barley uses him and he is amazing. If vince wanted he could probably buy tna or i mean impact wrestling thats what there going by now right.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Me thinks @jason is a full of shit 16yr old living in a fantasy world.

  • Jason

    LMAO Gail will never go back to wwe, she hates them and wishes them harm all the time. The idea of gail going back to WWE is funny as fuck. Amy Dumas likes TNA and even said a few months back that she would condier going to tna if the money and travel where with in reason. Tara does not like wwe, she has made that clear, very clear. She hates Johnny Ace like Kim does with a passion. Listen to what Molly Holly has to say about wwe as well.

  • adam

    Are you sure about that because i actually interviewed Tara and asked her if she would ever go back to wwe and she said if she could get one more shot at trish or lita she would because she knows they wont come to TNA. As for mickie your right on that one she really seems happier there. Gail if they offer her higher money she will jump back thats why she did last time. and for refrecne my interview is up on my radio stations webstie so ya.

  • Jason

    Gail will never go back to wwe, the same with Mickie James and Tara. All three women hate WWE with a passion.

  • adam

    To everyone saying were trolls for saying gail is bitching. THe reason we are saying stuff against it is its fine she is speaking her mind against wwe. But she wont let it go every time she is interviewed she is like oh wwe is a dump its a shithole i should of never gone there. But like i said before if they came a calling again i bet anything that she would resign for the money like everyone else.

  • Tyler(:

    Jason, stop saying mark, you mark for TNA, and moan like a motherfucking reptitive bitch here, just shut the fuck up.

  • Pig

    Your not going to sleep because Venom is putting the Sting in your rear end!!!

    Oooopppp already one dislike on your comment. Can you feel the love…I mean other than Venoms spewwwwwwwww.

    No troll off Faggot

  • Pig

    Sounds like Backdoor Boogeyman got him a little Venom in the rear.

    Troll off WWE fags…..all the dislikes to your postings should give you the hint.

  • Jason

    She brings it up because she is asked a question about it Nicholas. I don’t get how that is hard to understand or follow but then again I am talking to a WWE fan so….

  • Nicholas

    Maybe I am wrong here put didn’t Gail get fired I mean Punk did say here name during those live contract signing say how John release her without any notice.

    I really don’t care what she has to say. I mean if she is really happy why still bring it up. To me it makes no sense. Then again common sense and TNA never goes together. Just listen to there fans sometimes sounds like grow up acting like little kids on this web site. Watch TNA marks come back with kids stuff. An they wonder why WWE went PG just look at the junk.

  • PIG

    How about this one…………Semen errrr Venom aren’t you out a little prematurely???

    Now STFU and release from Vinny’s back door!

  • Jason

    Bullshit, I’ve been with tna since 2007 when I started with the intern program, since then I went from making about $900 a moth to now making $4000 a month. Bischoff has done wonders for tna and anyone who works there knows this to be true. The production values to the amount of shows via tours/house shows/impacts on the road have gone way up thanks to Bischoff. I swear that man never gets his credit. I started with ROH in 2005 and left after two years of killing myself for at most $100 a show which was like one show a month. TNA next to NJPW and WWE is the place to work if you want to get paid alot.

  • Manny

    Well the truth is that Gail’s talents were being wasted in WWE. Haters can hate all they want but the plain truth is that women’s wrestling isn’t taken seriously in WWE.

    TNA’s KNockout division is amazing, those women really work hard, they wrestle, they have more personality, they seem tougher, stronger, they look more legitimate and it’s fun watching them and they do all that and still remain sexy. And Gail Kim helped build that in TNA. I’m glad she’s back.

  • venom


    That was so creative.

  • PIG

    And you all know if you were given the chance to tap that………you would……except for Semen errrr Venom. He’s still corked in Vinces back door.

  • Again with Gail Kim’s bitching? How many more times is she going to sing the same fucking song. I was actually a fan of her till she opened her mouth and couldn’t figure out when to stop flapping her gums.

    Gail, take your concave ass back to the ring, STFU, be grateful you married someone with money.

    It seems that money is all that’s important to you anyway, after all you only got the guts to “Quit” WWE once you had a rich husband to fall back on.

  • venom


    If you work for TNA, then you would have to agree that Bischoff and Hogan are harming that product. If you really do work for that company, if Hogan wasn’t around, you would be making more money.

  • Jason

    Gail Kim is not wrong but I do find it funny that all the little kids bash her for speaking the truth against the WWE. Fuck WWE and there fans

  • Booker T’s Fave Five

    Gail Kim is a good wrestler. However TNA’s Knockout Division is like The Jerry Springer Show on crack.

  • Mark

    isnt this old news ?? slow news day was it

  • Max

    here we go, the gail kim haters trolls go at it again.

  • i’d knife the slit eye in the throat if she comes to australia. she will bitch for a decade about that, but she can bitch with an artifical voice box.

  • adam

    For christ sake gail stop your bithcing about how bad wwe was. Guess what if it was that bad you wouldnt of gone back in the first place. And if they came a calling one more time you would go back once more for the money once you realize tna doesnt pay shit. Then when your contract runs up you will run back to tna and bitch about wwe once again. Just shut up please.

  • bonerjams

    So much hate here
    Until tna gets rid of eric bischoff and hogan and russo will the company ever grow.

  • Jason

    McMahon will never be able to buy out tna because the promotion has to be for sale first you dumb mark Venom.I do work there and make a fair living, $40,000 a year is nothing to downsize about. Good for Gail, keep speaking the truth so these dumb ass wwe marks can learn the truth. That match tonight on impact between Kim and James was better then any main event on wwe raw for the whole year. That is women’s wrestling. Fuck wwe

  • iHole420

    @venom your a fucking dumbass. WWE wont buy out T%NA

  • venom

    Hey Fatboy Pig. How’s Hogan and friends doing? You must be on TNA’s payroll too.

  • PIG

    5 dislikes…..Gayboy Venom = FAIL
    Now troll back over to your WWE section or better yet STFU!
    No one cares about your TNA comments…..bye bye

  • venom

    I like how Gail is taking credit for Khamra getting a job in WWE. Kharma did wrestle other women besides Gail. Gail needs to shut up because all she does is complain. hat is Gail and Jason going to do when McMahon buys out TNA? Jason is the TNA Mark who claims that he makes 8 dollors an hout with TNA,.

  • Kirby

    Rock n Roll Mcdonalds….

  • yelissa

    she is such a bitch is she wasnt happy why she let 3 years to quit i dont understand.

  • Zane

    She needs to shutup and go back to total non stop rejects.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    And Gail still has no ass!
    Yeah I know thats old as hell but so is her constant bitching and moaning about WWE.

  • Jimbo

    Wow seriously, get over it.

  • CC

    So now she is trying to take credit for Karma/Kong being hired?
    If the matches she had with her were the reason Kong got hired, then why did it take so fucking long? Kim is talented, but she is a big headed bitch as well, it would seem as she seems to think that someone like Kong wasnt talented enough to get into WWE on her own merits.

  • Hasan

    And not a single shit was given.

  • TS93

    Oh this is a different article? I thought it was the one from november….or the 1 from october…..or the 1 from september…..any1 see the pattern. Quit ur bitching gail

  • jcorona

    How many times do they have to do this gail kim story??