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Gail Kim Removed From WWE Roster, Hell in a Cell Announcing Plans

— WWE removed Gail Kim’s bio from their company website Friday, which would indicate that she has officially parted ways with the organization.

On August 5, Gail Kim announced on Twitter that she quit the promotion following a brief appearance on the August 1 Raw. She later indicated that WWE did not grant her release, instead forcing her to stay with the promotion for the remainder of her contract.

Kim wrote the following on Twitter this afternoon regarding the website edit: “Yeah I guess they’re slow. Cuffs shouldve been off last week.”

— Jim Ross stated the following on Twitter regarding WWE’s plans for the broadcast team this Sunday at Hell in a Cell: “Just to clarify, I’m NOT certain the King will be in New Orleans for HIAC. I ‘hope’ that he’s there. I’m excited that I WILL be.”

— CM Punk stated on Twitter that he is scheduled for an autograph signing this Sunday in New Orleans, Louisiana: “I’ll be at Kmart in New Orleans on 1400 S. Clearview Pkwy on Sunday at 11:00 a.m. signing autographs! HOO-RAAAAAAAAY.”

  • tombstonepiledriver

    She’s gonna excersise and try to grow an ass.

  • Guess Gail Kim will be making a ‘suprise’ appearance at BFG then…

  • MWDynomite

    This pretty much means Orton wins due to Lawler interference.

  • poko

    Work at one of the many indie promotions going on? She is an exceptional performer, and I’d love to see her in matches with the best, most of which are not in WWE or TNA.

  • JIR

    Chinese Massages?

  • alex

    Gail kim is boooring

  • Ic-Y

    Wait TNA still is in business? Do say…

  • venom

    What is Gail going to do when TNA goes out of business?