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Gail Kim Says TNA Is A Better Fit For Her Than WWE; Tessmacher’s Improvement

Promoting her return to Canada this Friday at TNA’s live event in Windsor, Ontario, Gail Kim spoke to SLAM! Wrestling on a number of topics, including her desire to compete more than she had in WWE.

“(TNA) has really focused on women’s wrestling in a different manner than WWE, and I just enjoy it more here,” Kim says of the differences between both leagues. “I’ve experienced both major promotions twice now, and I can honestly say that TNA is a better fit for me.”

Now after wrestling for thirteen years, Kim finds herself working with girls who don’t have nearly as much experience as her, such as Miss Tessmacher. She says she’s enjoys working with the greenhorns as much as the veterans.

“I love both aspects of it—working with girls that have been doing it for ten years-plus like Mickie James and Tara, and with those who are looking forward towards the future,” said Kim. “And I enjoy being able to help some of the more inexperienced girls that I can help—I remember my first match back was a tag match with Brooke Tessmacher; she didn’t really know that much in the ring back then, but she has come so far in the past year.”

Kim says that while becoming the first TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion is one of her favorite moments of her career, she feels more accomplished with her pro-women’s wrestling cause.

“If you think about the whole picture, the thing that makes me most proud is fighting for that women’s division and it actually happening,” said Kim. “It wasn’t overnight, it took a lot of begging and pleading to wrestle. For that to happen, and for it to become successful, that was a dream come true.”

Kim also remarks on being named the top women’s wrestler of 2012 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, her marriage to celebrity chef Robert Irvine (the two met on Irvine’s TV show Dinner: Impossible), and more. The full article is available here.

  • bb

    SYM = Joke Account

  • eric

    Also women or divas in wwe doesn’t get enough time to get over reaction from people in seats. they get 2-3 min matches. or monday a 4min 3 sec match. women wrestlers in tna gets alot tv time get over in promos backstage segments. in ring. tell story in ring. tara vs teschmacher tag team champions. heel turn. tara new champion. tna writers with great bruce prichard as head writer. who is major upgrade from that trainwreck russo. booking build up on tv for ko matches on ppv. are million times better than wwe. in is shame. i would rather see divas in ring than supercena or miz saying same crap every week. big time women wrestling fan. since days sherri martel, luna, alundra blayze, in early-mid 90’s nice to see tna taking women wrestling serious. unlike wwe!

  • Tombstone

    Of course she is a better fit for TNA, WWE likes the women to actually have an ass.

  • Thomas

    Well with the way the women–oh excuse me “Divas” division is like in WWE, anything is better fit than them.
    And I liked Gail Kim. It’s a shame WWE doesn’t give the division too much attention. They just need to find women who actually wrestle, not just pretty faces.

  • SYM

    Lol, this slit eye is mouthing off even without the Knockout championship, maybe she should focus on wrestling and not dribbling shit.

  • poko


    Seriously, why shouldn’t she answer questions about that part of her career when she is being interviewed? It’s not like she said anything bad about the WWE. The entire bloody world knows the WWE isn’t focused on having quality matches for female wrestlers, there is nothing controversial in her statement.

  • nin

    When will she stop talking about wwe shes not with them anymore she needs to let it go already.