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Gail Kim Says WWE Disrespected Her

Speaking to SLAM! Wrestling, Gail Kim explains why she disobeyed WWE by controversially eliminating herself from the Divas Battle Royal on the August 1 episode of Monday Night Raw. She says it was the culmination of all the disrespect she felt from WWE.

“I don’t regret what I did at all. It was a respect thing,” Kim says. “I was told to get eliminated as soon as possible, so that’s what I did. I saw my decision as a case of either continuing to take their lack of respect or doing something about it.

“Nobody knows what I went through in terms of disrespect during my time there, but that move wasn’t just about me it was a culmination of all the disrespect I felt that all the other women and the women’s division as a whole had received too, I was taking a stand.

“While a lot of fans watching Raw noticed what I did, nobody from WWE noticed, that just shows how much they didn’t care. I went up to Johnny [John Laurinaitis] after and spoke about the Battle Royal and his reaction towards the match was, ‘Yeah, I heard it was pretty shit.’ I was amazed and I then told him how I eliminated myself and he just laughed.

“How can fans take the division seriously if the people working for the company aren’t? If it had been one of the men who had eliminated themselves they would have been punished, but because it was the women nobody cared, not even after I had told them.”

A few days later Kim announced on Twitter that she had quit WWE, however, she was not permitted to bolt. What followed was a standoff between WWE and their former Women’s Champion, which saw her forced to sit out the remainder of her contract.

“WWE are notoriously known for being controlling when it comes to your career, that night of the Battle Royal I went to Johnny and told him I quit, I said I don’t want your money; I just want to be free. He told me that it shouldn’t be a problem, but of course it was,” Kim says.

“They didn’t want me to work elsewhere, at this time I told him, ‘What does it matter if I leave or not? You’re not using me, it’s not like I’m valuable to you just let me go,’ but there was no budging.”

After sitting at home for over two months waiting out the remainder of her contract, Kim finally made her much anticipated return to TNA Wrestling on the October 20 episode of Impact Wrestling, when she aligning herself with Madison Rayne and Karen Jarrett. Being a TNA Knockout means everything to her.

“I’m just so excited to be back in the company, I can’t speak for anybody in particular but the feeling I got when I came back was that there were no hard feelings about my previous decision to leave. Being back here feels like time has never passed.

“I think everyone kind of expected me to return. I said in my last interview when I was leaving that I would probably be back, everyone has been real welcoming, it’s like being a part of a family here at TNA. It’s great to see the growth that this company has made since I’ve been gone, it’s nice to see the direction its going and where they want to be heading.”

She adds, “I’m just so happy to be here and to now be a part of a company once again that actually cares about wrestling.”

The full article is available here.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Cant help it, gotta say it—Gail has no ass —-she is bitter cause she has no ass—Vince didnt like her cause she has no ass. For gods sake girl, stop bitching, stop whinning, do some damn squats, and grow an ass! Now hopefully I have all that out of my system and yall wont have to read me saying she has no ass again.

  • Nicholas G

    First off lets get one thing straight the women division in wrestling never been as big of a deal in Pro wrestling. Sorry but it is true if anybody really care about Women wrestling TNA ratings and veiwership will be much higher they it is why because that is the only good thing in TNA but nobody cares an that is the truth. Women wrestling sucks hate to say it but it is true.

    Second how many times has Gail Kim been to the WWE. If you ask me if it didn’t work the first time why would you ever go back. To me Gail Kim has nobody to blame but her self. If she stay in TNA she could be at the top of the Knockout division but if she goes to WWE nobody is going to care. But then again nobody really care about women wrestling if they did TNA would be doing well because the Knockout division is the only good thing they have. An that is why TNA sucks.

  • Killer Kaballski

    I actually like the Knockouts division right now.I wish they would let TnT get the tag title back and let them feud with winter and angelina, but i will take it as it is.I also felt the lingere match was very tastefully done…at least as much as it could be done.Even the goddesses of female wrestling (Lita,Trish,medusa)had to do sexy gimmick matches.I think the only gripe for the KO’s it that they don’t get paid enough, but that could be said for most of TNA’s talent.

  • adam

    Ok for all you sayin wwe this wwe that were all marks because were tired of hearing gail bitch. You think tna treats there knockouts sooooooooooo much better. Then why are they in lingerie matches and have karen jarrett as the leader of that division when she doesnt know shit about anything wrestling. I know its just a gimmik and will eventually be everyone up risiing against her but still. The tna knockout divsion isnt much better right now.

  • 1919

    the WWE doesn’t care about the womens division everybody knows that.. so she doesn’t have the rite to bitch as she should’ve known what she was getting herself into..

    btw, TNA shouldn’t have welcomed her back.. dumb bitch ditched them and then wanted back in.

  • really


    I read it just fine

    Women wrestling has been disrespected for a long time, at least in the “main stream” wrestling companies. Divas are on tv every week with tons of exposure i don’t feel sorry for them, they are getting paid to do a job, so was gail, stop whining about it.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Gail Kim may have talent but she definetly has no clASS.

  • Buttercastle

    I totally agree. It seems like it’s either love it or leave it in terms of being a Diva. Either become a barbie doll or just leave. As much as Beth and Natalya have been anti-barbie in the past little while, even they have some characteristics of being that kind if Diva, just a rougher tougher heel version. I figure the ones with the true talent, in this case Gail Kim, could totally survive without being “disrespected” by just acting like a barbie every night while on tv.

  • drizzt

    I am just tired of hearing her bytch. Get over it. This is like the 20th post about it. Good wrestler or not, she is hurting her rep by whining so much. The problem in the WWE was she does not have the Diva look that they want to have, like Kelly Kelly. Right now they ARE NOT WORRIED ABOUT TALENT. The fan base they are trying to sell to want pin up queens to wack off to.

  • venom

    Where did these TNA marks come from?

  • DuffMan

    LOL at the kelly marks.

  • GreenCara

    The sad thing is, gail kim is true, WWE has really fucked up the women’s division. I miss the time when we had the likes of lita, trish, molly holly, jazz, and yes, also Gail Kim (she started in the wwe remember). All the little jimmies should educate themselves before talking shit about Gail Kim.

  • Matt

    Fact is Gail Kim is one of the best woman wrestler alongside Mickie James, Tara, Natalya, and Beth. Both WWE and TNA (more wwe though) should treat its female wrestlers better. They can wrestle just as good, if not better than their male counterparts. The storylines should improve too.

  • Dave


    Apparently you can’t read because:

    “Nobody knows what I went through in terms of disrespect during my time there, but that move wasn’t just about me it was a culmination of all the disrespect I felt that all the other women and the women’s division as a whole had received too, I was taking a stand.”

    Furthermore, the divas division was actually a lot better before so you don’t have a point. It is because of people like you that wwe doesn’t improve their product.

    Now stick it looser.

  • really

    OMG we get it WWE sucks, they hate women wrestling, the thing is you knew this before you signed yet you took the money anyway, What? you think your so special they would change stuff for you? Get over it and yourself

  • Dave

    The noobs in this forum should stfu because they don’t know anything about how wwe works and the bad treatment they inflict upon their talent. Try working there and see for yourselves before shitting on a beautiful, talented woman such as gail kim.

  • Effmenow

    The amount of WWE marks on this post is truelly depressing.

  • Jbrd

    Agreed Jeff..Heh,most of these comments are probably from middle school kids..Keep buying Vince’s Merch kiddies…

  • Jeff

    You guys are idiots. She is one of the best female wrestler alive today, and wwe treated her like shit (they do it with all the divas it seems). Go and watch kelly kelly you fucking marks

  • Jimbo

    Wow get over it. She sounds like what-his-face’s mom. DH Smith, was it?

  • Ransom

    Oh damn all the WWE marks are pissed again because someone
    said something about the E .U guys r a bunch of ass clown.
    How dare u Gail, the nerve of u going against the machine.

  • PinkSinCara

    LOL @ the Laurinaitis comment. If only he could be that amusing on the mic. Oh, and Gail, STFU ALREADY!!

  • mark

    I agree with Gail about her time in WWE. But she is very bitter and keeps on and on about it. Just move on

  • Hasan

    yeah whatever ! No one gives a shit

  • adam

    No she thinks she was disrespected because she wasnt handed the title as soon as she came back to the wwe. Seriously gail shut the hell up you got what you wanted your in tna stop bitching about what wwe did or didnt do for you. The truth is they did your career a huge favor when you debuted in wwe you got the womens title right away and same with in tna as soon as you got there you got the knocouts title.

  • venom

    Somebody throw a brick at Kim.

  • venom

    When Kim gets broke and wants cash, she’ll be begging for her job back in WWE. Then she’ll say how happy she is to be back in WWE. Kim is right about TNA being a family. A family that all deserves to go to jail together because of drugs. Yes, WWE does control you because you are a tv character to them. That is why Ryder has heat for dying his hair without permission. Could you imagine if the Miz decided to not shave for two years. He would have long hair and a long beard. That would change his appearance and change his character. That is why they need WWE’s approval for this kind of stuff.

  • Tyler(:

    Shut up, you moaning bitch.