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Gail Kim Says WWE Was Disrespectful To Women; If She Has Played A Stereotype

Gail Kim clarified her exit from WWE last year in an interview with Schema Magazine.

When asked if controversially eliminated herself from the Divas Battle Royal on the August 1, 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw was out of frustration of not being showcased enough on television, she responded, “I’ve talked about this many times up to this point, which I don’t mind but I think the fans and myself have moved on from this topic. To clarify, that was not the reason why, there were many reasons why including some disrespectful situations and the way women were treated; so I decided to move on. I did, and I’m happier than ever and I will never know reasons why so I choose not to worry about that anymore.

“I can only look forward and try to do positive things from now on. Impact Wrestling has been home for me and it’s just been a confidence building, pro female wrestling environment. I feel like I don’t have to limit myself anymore.”

The TNA Women’s Knockout Champion was also asked if was ever given a role in which she felt stereotyped, fetishized or uncomfortable.

She responds, “I don’t think I can remember a time feeling uncomfortable because I was never forced to play the stereotypical role but that may be because I didn’t know how. I can’t speak fluent Korean (I regret quitting Korean school as a child now!) So it was difficult to put me in that role. The only time I felt uncomfortable was when I was asked to do things that were overtly sexual or anything dance related lol! I think I’m sexiest when I’m myself. As for the dancing part, I have 2 left feet!”

Kim also comments on where she sees herself in the entertainment industry in the next five to ten years, whether there is a difference between wrestling fans in the United States and Canada, who inspired her to become a professional wrestler and more. (Interview link)

  • Jason

    TNA is the fastest growing wrestling company in the world today, even faster than McDonalds. TNA have the best riggers, makeup artists and technicians this industry has seen and will ever see, WWE doesn’t stand a chance against TNA in this regard.

    TNA makes the most plausible weekly wrestling program seen since the last season of 24, and will continue to grow from this point. Gail Kim is a fantastic worker and needs a promotion, possibly getting the gig Vince Russo used to have. Hogan suggested hiring Kim before he even joined TNA, that’s how good he is, and none of you retards can argue that fact.

  • Jason

    Also I would like to say that I am a complete moron and sorry for all the things I have said to commenters here on this site, I was wrong to side with TNA on everything and have placed merchandise orders for all of John Cena’s latest gear

  • Jason

    Most of the workers in TNA have turned WWE down, Joe, Roode, Styles, Daniels, RVD, Aries, Storm and more.

    Others like Mickie James and Gail Kim have said that working for WWE is like working in hell.

    Both Paul London and Brian Kendrick have made it clear that they will never go back to work for the WWE ever again. Hell even Batista has said that and even hinted about joining TNA in the near future. All of this is backed up by legit facts such as radio interviews and postings on twitter by the people themselfs.

  • Jason

    My god Adam you are thick as shit when it comes to IQ points. The character has nothing to do with the KO titles but everything to do with making ODB and Young a popular item. Nice way of making up shit on the in ring time for raw. Anyone can go on youtube and add up the time for the matches on Raw. I do every week just to get a laugh out of punks like you who just make shit up. Raw this past monday had 17 mins of in ring wrestling. Impact had 32 mins of in ring wrestling. Smackdown last week had 20 mins of in ring action. This has been the norm for the past three months.

    TNA is already very close to WWE’s level and they have done it in three times less the amount of time. It took WWE 30 years to gain a huge world wide following. It has only taken TNA 9 to do the same. You sir need to take a basic self media business class before talking anymore because you come off looking like a jackass.

  • adam

    Also this isnt progressing eric youngs charcter if you think its is then tna is going to be in the shitter for a while. A former tv champ member of team canada leader of world elite is now in the knockouts division and is viewed as a joke is enhancing his charcter by wrestling women that makes sense.

  • adam

    THe bryan punk match last week went over 10 and the triple threat tag went 8 before kane ran out. We all know why you are stikin up for tna cause you work there I get it. Hey if i worked for a company and people were bashin it i would probably too. But tna is never going to be at the level wwe is. Yes wwe lost its way with the womens division and tag but there working to get those back on track. Tna on the other hand just recently lost focus on the tag division and keep breaking teams up and the one really good one cant compete cause sabin is still hurt. Tna is always going to be the minor leagues. You can even ask any of those wrestlers what would they rather do keep wrestling in the minors or go up to wwe were you could become a star and be known world wide.

  • Jason

    Eric Young winning with ODB is an angle progressing there characters. Besides the women matches that get long amounts of time are the single division matches and not the women tag division matches. Gail Kim matches always go on avg 8 mins a show. Most male matches on Raw don’t go that long on avg, and you know it.

  • adam

    Aj is pretty good except they dont use her as much same with in FCW Shaul Guerrero and Brittni knight. Also when you are throwing eric young into the womens division you cant really call that a knockouts match and those are usually the ones that go longer.

  • Jason

    Fox is not that good, the only two I would want to take from WWE at this point would be Beth and Nattie. I could care less about the rest, and with Beth’s contract coming up in June along side Melina wanting to join TNA in May who is good friends with Beth, I could see them both going to TNA and leaving WWE behind them for good.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Oh, and nice PR there calling other commenters retarded.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Oh, nice PR there calling other commenters retarded.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Apparently, Jason hasn’t seen Alicia Fox. Also, Brooke IS still considered green.

  • Jason

    A month ago? More like 4 months ago. The dif with that is that while they may show skin in segments from time to time at least the KO’s get to wrestle matches longer then 1 min. KO’s on avg get five to eight mins of in ring time per episode and even get more then one segment per show. WWE is fuck all in that department vs. what TNA does for there women talent.

    Brooke is not that green and if she was would PWI and insider rate her in the top 100 female talent in the US?

    Have fun with Kelly Kelly who is by far the worst female worker in the history of this sport. To be fair to her WWE has a few of them. lol

  • adam

    NO its not her fault but instead of rehasing what she keeps saying she can always tell them…You know what i have answered this question before in my last few interviews i am past that lest move on. But no she openly will keep bashing them and for all of you saying tna is superior at everyting wwe defense force and all this bs. If tna treats there womens division so much better how come a month ago when karen angel ran the divison they basically had a match were the knockouts had to wear there sluttiest lingire then the next week had a car wash match. Also i would agree iwth everyone else if they really respected the talent i dont think brooke would of been given a title she is one of the greenest wrestlers there are. Also angelina who is pretty damn good not used at all rosita sarita both good not used at all. The only ones they use now are gail madison and velvet so no wonder gail loves it she is the center of the knockout univierse.

  • SB2012

    People stop moaning about what she has to say its not her fault if they ask her the same questions all the time. And she is a great wrestler and in wwe she got no time to actually show that shes a great wrestler but in tna shes got alot of tv time whether that be a match or promo.

  • Bill

    As much as I like Gail Kim as a wrestler & agree with what she’s saying, enough is enough. Ask her about something different besides her departure from WWE.

  • Jason

    Gail Kim a has been? Really? If that was not such a retarded comment it might be funny.

    PWI ranking her number 1 in the world for female wrestling says hello.

  • shawn

    (tisk) people should quit telling her to shut up. shes getting paid to answer questions.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @scooter, that’s what I’m trying to say.

  • scooter

    @Jason I guess when TNA put the tag belt on brooke tessmacher it was cause she was an awesome worker?
    For the record I agree with gail kim 100% but at this point I wish she’d shut up we’ve heard it all before!

  • MJ

    Wait a mintue Doesn’t TNA push Madison rayne and Velvet sky as the best wrestlers there while both of them are shit while sarita or rosita are doing nothing and they are amazing wrestlers but they get no tv time while WWE may have Kelly kelly TNA has velvet sky and madison rayne who have done nothing but appear on botchamania!

  • kirby4321

    They need to give this a rest already. One interview was enough.

    She’s happy were she is now,so leave it at that!

    Enough with WWE interview her about TNA. They just keep trying to find someoen to bash on WWE.

  • lol

    good lord gail give it a freakin rest

  • Jason

    Gail kim never had a problem with her first run with WWE. Her reason for going back in 2009 was because of her sister’s medical bills and being told she would be used better this time around by Johnny Ace who is the biggest waste this business has ever seen. (Makes Russo look like a saint) Now she is getting paid about the same in TNA as she was getting paid to work more dates in WWE. Good for her

  • Jason

    CC she was right to do that though, like Ron Paul says sometimes you have to light a fire to get results. Asking some one like a Gail Kim who is ranked the best female worker in the world to make Kelly Kelly look good in a battle royal in under 30 seconds is down right an insult to not only her but to pro wrestling as a whole. No wonder Bret and Mickie James bashed WWE for that as well.

  • Nicholas G

    Yeah say with you will about the WWE Diva division but since Beth won the title it has gotten a whole lot better. An Beth had to fight her way back to the top of the WWE women division an maybe one of the best women champion in a while.

    I really don’t care what Gail Kim say because it her fault in the end for going back a second time. I mean really if they didn’t treat you right the first time why would you go back to the same place.

  • CC

    Yeah the divas were disrespected, thats why she was so respectful to the rest of them by making a mockery of the last match.

  • Jason

    She is right and no one can dif.

  • shawn

    its called bieng positive. everybody is grandiose more or less therfore if they get disrespected by somebody, they’re going to think “hey, you’re wrong”. then theres where they start bettering themselves mentally, regardless of what paths they choose. i bet she isnt homeless.

  • poko

    Those of you who fly into a rage when X wrestler says negative things about your favorite wrestling company, does it really hurt your feelings that much? Even when it’s during an interview and the performer is only answering direct questions? Even when the performer has indicated that they’ve moved on and are probably tired of that question?

    Because that kind of defensive reaction over a massive corporation puzzles the hell out of me.

  • JOE

    If you people are so tired of her saying the same things about the wwe, then why click the link? Did you think her opinion was going to change? You same people who claim to be so “tired”of her ranting about the wwe, are just annoying as her. If you don’t want to read what she has to say Vince and his company, then DON’T click the fucking link. Its not rocket science damn!!!

  • MJ

    For the love of everything that is great in this world why doesn’
    t she shut the fuck up! Im sorry but since she left wwe last year she’s ddone nothing but talk about how wwe treated her like shit (which i agree) but isn’t it funny how she says TNA is soooo much better when she left TNA to go back to wwe!?

    Now she’s back in TNA with not 1 but 2 championships in less then 2 months of her return! I guess thats why TNA was treating her like the end all and be all of the knockouts divsion

  • BlaH

    thats a good one.

  • adam

    Why do they keep asking her the same questions and she keeps giving the same answers. I mean you could be asking her about her time in tna if she enjoys doing what she is doing there. BUt no they want to keep asking oh did wwe do this and did wwe do that. Maybe its because the magaizine or paper knows no one gives a shit about what she is doing in tna they just want her to keep trying to bash on wwe.

  • poko

    WWE Defense Force GO!

  • Valo487

    I really wish she would get over herself. You didn’t feel respected in WWE? I’m sure the extra money you made there really helped with that. When you’re under contract you do what you’re supposed to do, if you don’t like it you can go elsewhere when your contract is up. I don’t understand this entitled mentality that you deserve something just because you’re in WWE. The Women’s division is not their main product so you’re not going to get the same attention as the male wrestlers, but that doesn’t mean you’re being disrespected. And the only thing you’re owed is your salary, which they paid you. So what does she feel was so insulting?

    When she gets injured and TNA doesn’t help her pay for her medical expenses then she’ll be telling us how much better the benefits were in WWE.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Yeah, she keeps saying the same things over and over again.

  • PinkSinCara

    Why do journalists continue to interview this rice queen?