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New Gameplay Details Revealed for WWE ’12, The Miz & Maryse Headed to Germany

– The Miz and Maryse are headed to Germany soon to do promotional work for the new WWE ’12 video game.

– Eric sent word that a new IGN article on the WWE ’12 video game lists the following features that will be included. It was noted that many, many more features have yet to be revealed.

* Over 80 match configurations including four-way Extreme Rules brawls, Elimination Chamber and more.

* A 12-hour Road to WrestleMania story mode.

* 10 creation modes including Create-An-Arena.

* Online gameplay and content sharing where you can download another player’s creations.

* Over 70 characters and more than 60 unlockables. There will be an unlock key you can purchase that gives access to all bonus content.

  • venom

    I hope Mask Man, Tony, Green and Red Dummy are not in the game. That was so stupid.

  • KGM Da Master

    It will be a full year. Thats why its 12 hours, to space the gameplay. Without another opponent to play that game, the game gets boring because of its longevity.Wrestlemania 27 to 28 is what I would aim for! I like the roster setup though more original characters from THQ is a positive thing. I hope for 12 they change the depth of characters moves. SvR11 was their most in depth game in ganeplay since 08 (gm mode) with the universe mode and rankings. Their move set list for their “superstars” and divas was bland to say the least. I would like an updated version of WWE universe on 12. An internet top 20 and gm mode would be perfect. Hopefully the end of this dreaded double brand title thing ends. GIVE CUSTOMERS A REASON TO SPEND 65 DOLLARS!

  • the_electrifyin_one

    Didny they hav create an arena in wwf attitude? I still think this could easily be the best wwe game since here comes the pain.

    Why dont they bring back the career mode from that game?

  • Echo

    No one said six, you’re right. But in a game that is supposed to be somewhat based on realism, how are we expected to believe a created charater can walk into the Rumble an WrestleMania in the space of three months? Yes, I’m aware the time frame has not been confirmed. But the Road to WrestleMania is technically less then three months long. Beginning at the Rumble.

  • B

    I’m wondering where it’s been confirmed there’ll be six of them. Just because previous ones have? What if it’s just one, playing as a custom character in which you meet all the superstars, rather than playing as the superstars?

  • Echo

    Did anyone ever stop and think that a 12 hour RTWM mode meant that it was 12 hours to finish the lot of them as opposed to each of them seperately? Stupid people.

  • ML

    I think SDvsRAW 2011 was a great game that had a lot of great additions to it. I think WWE ’12 is going to be even better.

  • ML

    It’s funny how people complain about RTWM being too short and that they beat it too fast but now they’re complaining about it being too long….spoiled people are never satisfied these days.


    As good as this might possibly sound, I’m not going to waste my money and buy this right off the bat. I did that for the last one thinking it would be great and I haven’t even played in like 6 or 7 months. Total waste of money really.

  • James

    They won’t put RVD in it, the only reason he was in the last one was cause he’d gone to TNA after they’d already added him

  • David

    so glad they have made the road to wrestlemanias longer those are always the first things i play

  • Isaiah

    So Let me get this straight There is six Road to Wrestlemania’s and 12 hours for each of them. Which means it’s going to take more than 72 hours (depending on A.I) to unlock everything. When nobody even plays Road to Wrestlemania in it self better yet 72 hours of it. Total fail. Last Roster spots should be Lensar (Legends Deal) HBK, Macho Man, Chris Jericho, Uso’s, The Bellas, Jim Ross, RVD, Vickie Gurrero, Trent Barreta, and Tamina.

  • Myers

    On the THQ page they have 77 spots available for wrestlers. That’s pretty damn good.

  • The Fork on the left