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New Gameplay Details Revealed on WWE’s 2K14 Video Game

– Canadian retailer Future Shop has revealed new details for the WWE 2K14 video game on their official listing:

* Select your wrestler from the WWE pantheon of legendary stars.

* Cool visual elements includes historic WWE video footage, classic images, multi-camera angles, and detailed cut scenes.

* Highly immersive audio environment brings out the raw emotional power of the crowd as they react to your performance.

* Unlock exciting new content and wrestlers.

* Addictive game play features intuitive controls and creates a sense of escalation throughout the matches.

* WWE Career mode lets you create the epic legend of your rise from wrestling rookie to celebrated megastar.

  • Mohamed El Katatnee

    i wish They Don`t Change Anything in ” Create a Superstar ” or ” Superstar Threads ” .. Maybe Add things .. But Don`t Remove 🙂

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I wouldn’t say that’s news worthy, seeing as that’s what they have said about every wrestling game ever made lol.

  • Jeff N

    wrestling games are like nascar games borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring

  • Mike Bates

    I would love if it just carried on the Attitude Storyline mode maybe from Mania 15 to Mania 17

  • Eric Bouchard

    Sounds good so far