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Gene Snitsky Claims His Twitter Account Was Hacked Following Outburst

Former WWE star Gene Snitsky claimed Tuesday afternoon that his Twitter account was hacked after a homophobic diatribe was posted minutes earlier in response to widespread criticism over his unfavorable view of The Miz. He claims the account fell into the wrong hands and that he actually has the utmost respect for the WWE Superstar.

“It’s come to my attention someone has hacked my acct!!! Some people just have way too much time on their hands! Ill b deleting this acct,” he wrote.

“Sorry if this acct has fallin into the wrong hands! Thanks to all my wonderful fans!!!!! Keep an eye out for new acct coming soon!

“I personally have the utmost respect for mike and enjoyed workin w him! Im sure he will say the same! Sorry again for twitter hackers!

“Ill do my best to find out who is Responsible, im truely sorry to those who were offended! Thanks again! From the REAL Snitsky.”

He deleted the account shortly after his post. Coincidentally, the hacker’s diatribe and Snitsky’s apology both originated from an iPhone in Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania.

  • Little Johnny

    1.) Does Snitsky really think he has fans? 2.) It sounds like the apology was from a hacker.

  • venom

    I can tell he was drunk when he was tweeting. I think he is saying it was hacked because of the homophobic slurs. Looks like GLAAD will be looking for him. It was your fault!!!!

  • Buttercastle

    You know what guys you are all morons who love it up the fart chimney.

    Sorry I apologize my account was hacked. SIGH.

  • rko

    That’s funny as hell.

  • rko

    Snitsky: It wasn’t my fault!

  • CC

    Nah, New Jack enjoys being a cunt. Its always been his thing to spout off shit like that.

  • John

    I guess New Jack’s computer was hacked too.

  • Jimbo

    Where have we heard this before?

  • MMAeatsWrestling

    The “hacker” just so happens to type like Snitsky!!!!! as well. Now, in addition to being a bitter, moronic never-was, he’s a pussy, too. It’s bad enough to be a prick, but at least have the fortitude to stand by your douchery.

  • Mordecai

    I started to wonder when Snitsky was going to use the “Kurt Angle Excuse”…

  • @Zero “My Twitter got hacked is the new code for ‘I’m a sloppy, drunk douche.'” That’s what CM Punk said.

  • JIR

    What is he drunk twiting like Angle?

  • Valo487

    Wow, he really tried to use the same excuse as Kurt Angle? No one believed Angle when he said it, no ones going to believe Snitsky now.

  • Starship Pain

    Damn… Hackers are wrestling-focused now… Please, Snitsky, stop embarrassing yourself and your fans (if you have fans)…

  • Kevin

    I bet it was Kurt Angle…Damn he is a computer genious!!! He has no chance too get a contract now.

  • Zero

    What was it CM Punk said a while back? Something along the lines of “My Twitter account being hacked” is the new code for “I was a drunken douchebag”, or something that effect?

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Hacked account… That seems to be happening a lot. Wonder how long till Goldust claims his account was hacked, It is the only explanation of him being a huge douchebag.

  • Effmenow



    Well played Snitsky……well played.