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Gene Snitsky Responds To Miz Fans With Multiple Homophobic Remarks

Former WWE talent Gene Snitsky posted multiple inflammatory remarks this afternoon on his Twitter account in response to widespread criticism over his unfavorable view of The Miz.

“Love the haters on twitter!!!! I beat the miz in 30 secs and he could nvr hold my jockstrap! Im a div 1 athelete, former NFL player! Fags,” he wrote.

“Do your research you fuckin no life pieces of shit! Lmao… Anyof you mommys boys ever accomplish nethin b sides sniffin ur moms panties.

“Get out of your mommys basement and stop jerkin off to gay porn u wanna beez!!!!! Rotflmao at these nerds!!!!

He also called a follower of his a “retard” in response to a remark that The Miz has a job. The former Heat Superstar then boasted that he’s featured in WWE’s upcoming video release, OMG! The Top 50 Incidents in WWE History, while The Miz isn’t.

“Oh and dont 4get im on the top 50 omg moments in WWE!!! Haha jackasses! Dont c miz on there!!!!! You DMF’s,” he wrote. “My time is money…. You idiots arent worth either! Lol peace out to all my beloved fans!!!! Have a wonderful day.”

Snitsky capped off his diatribe by saying The Miz couldn’t carry his jockstrap and that fans of the WWE Superstar are “Mizarks.”

  • White mark

    Either way both of them qualify for worst president.

  • JOE

    @rko where you in a comma during bush’s eight years in office????

  • venom

    What a bitter has been.

  • rko

    @White Mark

    No, the current POTUS is worst president ever. Of course you’d have to live in america to know that.

  • Treg

    What a class act.

  • erik

    I believe jr said snitsky was former td in his college days. at edge wedding in 2005. snitsky says it wasn’t my fault lita edge came from above. it wasn’t my fault lita and edge fell in love. it is not my fault edge and lita went this direction. it is not my fault kane can’t get a erection. snitsky not my fault gimmick was great.

  • DD

    He in the 50 omg moments for giving lita a miscarriage

  • White mark

    …at least its not a bunch of dumb Texan hicks haha like George Bush. Worst president ever

  • White mark

    Yeah i would buddy and i wouldnt give a shit if they kicked my arse. Im just saying i hate hearing that, i have nothing against gridiron players i use to play it and the physicallity isnt as tough as rugby. @HR totally agree rugby players are tougher kid. Yeah no shit hes not in his long. What i would like too see is Nfl get rid of all their protective gear and see howd thered play from their. It could be very interesting. Another thing i dont get with American sports is why you call youre championship teams world champions when youre the only ones and a few canadian teams that play the sport. Its one of the reasons why Americans are so hated its cause a lot of you think youre the better then the rest of the world. Well reality check youre not.Its sad though how youre getting taken over by Jews, Italians, Asians and the Irish. Ah well at least i live in a country thats totally different then and wouldnt get shot in certain parts of youre country.

  • HR

    Tell that to Ray Lewis, DeMarcus Ware, Clay Matthews, Brian Urlacher, Jared Allen, Troy Polamalu, and the rest of the NFL. Mat McBriar of the Dallas Cowboys used to play rugby, but he is nowhere near the size or skill level of these guys so there you go.

  • White mark

    No offense to you Americans but gridiron is a pussy sport compared to rugby. I always hear how its tougher to play gridiron. The plays maybe harder to pull off but the physical contact has nothing on rugby. I mean for fucksakes you guys were like 5o different types of protective wear were as we wear 2 to 3 if that. I know this has nothing to do with wrestling but i thought id put my opinion out there. Not that it would matter to anyone.

  • KitKrock

    Snitsky = ratings!
    Bring back SNITSKY!

  • rko

    He can toot his horn all he wants, but the simple fact that he’s done nothing in his career compared to the miz is enough in its own right.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I don’t remember anything Snitsky did as an OMG! moment… Maybe just a cameo getting his ass kicked.

  • MMAeatsWrestling

    Snitsky is just mad that he messed up his teeth to impress management and then got fired a month later. Epitome of a bitter never-was.

  • Matt

    COnsidering I would love to make love to Snitsky

  • ##

    “The former Heat Superstar…”

    I LMAO too
    What a moron! HAHAHAHAHA “The former Heat Superstar…” HAHAHA

  • Matt

    COnsidering that many wrestling fans are idiots and acting like fags, I support Snitsky’s comments.

  • Visonary Journalist

    Who the Hell is Gene Sntisky…….. Enough Said!

  • Myers

    Aaaaaannnnnnnd welcome to the “WWE Never hire them back club” Snitsky

  • Dan

    Hey c’mon guys leave the poor guy alone, it wasn’t his fault after all LAWL

  • M-Gryph

    Nice to see every generation has it’s Damian Demento

  • CC

    the guy is tweeting on twatter, and he has the nerve to call other people nerds (especially when he says shit like beez and heez).

    Snitsky, you were never division 1, you were and will always be division anus.

    What a fucking tool.

  • Steve

    Wow. And to think, he’s not even good enough to be in TNA. Ouch.

  • simon07

    What is his omg moment in WWE? When we found out his foot fetish, the time when he formed a tag team with Goldust or the fact he won nothing in 5 years?

    To be honest though i didn’t know he was an illustrious NFL player, so congrats to him on being a ‘Div 1 athlete’. (Does anybody know his amazing stats? He has to be up their with the greats seen as though his in the top division.)

  • Stumpy

    “Oh and dont 4get im on the top 50 omg moments in WWE!!! Haha jackasses! Dont c miz on there!!!!!”

    No Gene, that’s because we see Miz every Monday night on Raw. Where do we see you? Oh yeah, at the corner store asking how much I need on Pump 5. Loser. Now you are included in the “OMG… Look How Far They’ve Fallen” list.

  • ejjigga

    “The former Heat Superstar…”

    I lol’ed