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Max Buck announced on his Twitter account Monday that Generation Me asked for their release from TNA Wrestling.

Buck (a/k/a Matt Jackson) wrote: “Want you to hear it from us first: Yesterday, we asked for our release. Special thanks to TNA & the fans for a wonderful experience. Great experience, but definitely time to move on to something new. So much to say, but I’m gonna sit & let this all digest for a while.”

Jackson hinted at the career move Sunday night as changed his Twitter handle to reflect his real name. He also posted this morning, “Headed home. See you some other time, Orlando.”

Jackson did not state a reason for parting ways with the organization. PWInsider.com confirms that their request was granted.

Generation Me lost to Eric Young and Shark Boy in a tag team match last night at Destination X.

  • venom

    I’m glad those wannabe 90’s Hardy Boys are gone.

  • adam tarasievich

    And thats the main problem with wrestling. Say you turn on raw its a 2 hour love fest with john cena then IMpact on thursday 2 hour love fest with hogan and immortal. Then smackdown same thing but this time with orton. Neither company really devlops other people because they bury them under there guys. I mean take raw you had cena vs the tag team champions and he killed them. How are you supposed to be belivable as a tag team champion when you cant even beat one guy. Also on smackdown you have a great oppertunity to build up shamus or christian but they wont because that would make orton who hasnt lost clean in a year to look bad. For impact its the same thing as smackdown instead of putting some faith in Anderson they put the title on him for a week then back to sting again and again so eventually hogan can get it.

  • adam tarasievich

    The reason everyone blams bichoff and hogan is because hte connection they have with dixie and russo to make them the center of the universe. And no if you read what i put earlier wwe is doomed once punk leaves because it will be the same old orton cena bs which sucks. I have actually talked about this on my radio show earlier that wrestling as a hole is in such a down swing that it sucks. I mean you cant even compare hte 90’s to now its just awful. I talk alot about wrestling on it if anyone out there wants to listen its on wgtradio.com at 315 on saturdays.

  • JipC

    Dont get me wrong, I dont think Hogan adds much other the name recognition to the non wrestling bubble audience, but to blame him and Bischoff shows how fucking retarded you morons are. I love the dickheads on this site hoping tna dies. Why, cause WWE is so good. GTFOH. Once Punk leaves, watch WWE go back to the piece of dogshit show its been since 2003

  • JipC

    I only see the similarities between TNA now and TNA from 2005-Hogan’s arrival. Crappy burned out legends, ridiculous storylines, nonsensical finishes, giant heel factions, a knockout division that has good female wrestlers who botch every complicated finish, and a company that desperately needs to move out of the impact zone and onto the road where wrestling fans make the show better, not tourist fans who just try to make “this is awesome” or “TNA” chants during mediocre to bad matches. I dont have a problem having Hogan or Bischoff as heels, they do good job at it. I have a problem with Scott Steiner, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash, X-pac, Scott Hall, Jeff Jarrett and Tommy Dreamer wrestling and killing valuable air time for the young guys. Hogan can still draw, but the storylines are the same garbage TNA has been shitting out SInce 04. TNA was never a great company, its still a bad company but know its a bad company with Hogan so he get saddled with the blame

  • adam tarasievich

    NO its not exactly wcw but when people start seeing simliarties its hard not to want to say something. Also if you compare were it was a few years ago to were it is now its hard not to think that the over exposure of hogan and his immortal group and the reptitive use of sting and all the other old timers that they are going towards bad things.

  • JipC


  • Treg

    Awesome the Young Bucks are back!

  • adam

    I bet they will do that Jay EZ. But what they should do instead of realsing gen me and orlando jordan even though i really dong care about jordan because i have lost intrest in him. Instead of dropping people who can actually wrestle drop hogan bichoff and even fire russo that solves alot of finanical problems and fire dixie. YOu know what you can do then see if Paulie wants to buy tna if he has the money and let him run it. Say what you will ecw wasnt going out of buisness because they were running out of money vince didnt want them to get to the level wcw was getting so he would have 2 threats to deal with so he baught them. BUt tna would never do that because they think what there doing is working when its not. Also for any of you out there if you wanna listen to more i have a radio show on saturday afternoon at 315 at wgtradio.com talk alot about wrestling and every other sport.

  • Jay EZ

    Next thing ya know TNA will fire all the wrestlers just to keep Hogan & his sidekick. Then Impact Wrestling will be what they call “Rebranded” Impact Talking, and Hogan will host a 2 hour show that will be Version 2.0 of Hogan Knows Best.

  • Van Helsing

    i agree with you

  • Denz

    Even though I’m a long time WWE fan, at least TNA has a Tag Team division.

  • adam

    @van—Dixie is part of the problem a HUGE part of it. She has no clue how to run a wrestling company. It was good when jeff was the main one in charge ya he was getting a million title shots but the x-division was also the focus.

  • Daniel Schein

    Well this is a terrible blow coming off an overall great Destination X ppv. Not a big shock the way they have been used and we all know about the incident at the past ppv. Hopefully TNA at least signs some new faces to The X Division now that space is available. Take a negative and turn it into a positive.

    You have Pac, Ricochet, Jack Evans, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Jay Lethal, Shiima Xion, Low Ki, Cutler Bros., and so many past and potential future stars out there

  • Van Helsing

    hogan bichoff and russo were the ones who killed
    wcw tna or impaact wrestling has no hope unless dixie carter
    and jeff jarrette get thier heads of thier Asses and fire bichoff and hogan and russo vince is going to own another company

  • ##

    Orlando Jordan just got cut. I hope Robbie E IS NEXT.

  • adam

    I have to agree with you nick. THis seems more and more like tna is on its last days or months. As long as the three idiots bichoff hogan and russo are there there is no hope.

  • CC

    Nice to see someone isnt doing their research as usual.
    “Jackson hinted at the career move Sunday night as changed his Twitter handle to reflect his real name”
    Jackson is not his real name, his real name is Massie. Jackson is just a name he wrestles under, just the same as Max Buck was.

  • Clara007

    Well TNA were looking to make cuts. This may save some jobs.

  • nick

    that sucks just more unutilized talent that tna swept under the rug like jay lethal is it me or does tna feel like the the final months of wcw a bunch of unhappy young guys getting nowhere fast and hogan and bishoff still on top. If flair and sting wrestle the final match of tna ima give up on wrestling forever

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