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GFW announces big plans to turn it around

GFW Impact Wrestling

GFW has been in the news recently because their parent company Anthem Sports might be realizing they bleed money. There are reports saying they might be looking to sell Global Force Wrestling. After Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard first reported this everyone seems to be fearing the worst.

But GFW is announcing some big plans to turn it around for the company. They are launching their own television channel via a streaming service in the United States as well as securing their extended deal with Pop TV which will run through 2018.

In their official statement they said:

“These digital initiatives and broadcast agreements are a significant step forward for the Global Force Wrestling organization as we continue to expand the brand globally, making it available on more platforms and in more countries,” said Ed Nordholm, president of Global Force Wrestling. “Anthem is committed to broadening Global Force Wrestling’s footprint, as we work alongside international broadcast partners, digital platforms and professional wrestling promotions to bring our passionate fans a high-quality product that not only stands out in today’s media landscape, but continues to thrive into the future.”

They release also went on to say:

“We are excited to extend our partnership with Anthem and remain the exclusive linear television home of IMPACT in the U.S.,” said David Mandell, COO of Pop. “IMPACT delivers over 100 hours of original programming per year on Pop with some of the best and most passionate fans in television. With our broad distribution across all major cable and satellite providers, as well as almost every new over-the-top bundle, including DirecTV Now, Sony Vue, Fubo TV, Hulu TV and YouTube TV, IMPACT fans have more options than ever to catch their favorite show every week.”

Let’s hope for the best because there are some really talented people currently working in front of and behind the cameras who really deserve a chance for us to see what they can do.

  • Yespage

    Who’d buy it? Only WWE has the cash flow to take advantage of the library. TNA has almost never been profitable. Anthem blew it by thinking they could ‘turn it around’.

  • CC

    There has been rumours that Anthem is already looking to offload GFW, especially considering the recent sudden “removal” of Jarrett. General belief is if Jarrett goes completely, so does the name GFW, meaning that the company would need yet another rebrand.
    If Anthem do sell up, I guess the same usual suspects would be the likely buyers (WWE, Billy Corgan, Sinclair etc).
    If WWE did buy the company, I guess it would be like WCW where they just shut the whole thing down and just use the library, with maybe some talent being used if the sale includes contracts as well. (can you imagine if WWE got Del Rio’s contract ha ha)

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    An just like what WWE did to WCW they did the same to TNA. They took all there good talent little by little while letting there dead weight go to TNA.

  • Arnold Jackson

    You all are acting like Dixie still runs the place. New owners now, who actually pays the bills on time. TNA is dead. GFW deserves the benefit of a doubt this first time out. Let them have a year and then we can bury them.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Very much agree. TNA turned in WCW and did nothing but base most of their talent off of ex WWE superstars, as soon as they started to gain traction.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    The problem with TNA is there young good talent always got swap aside soon as some reject from WWE shows up. GFW did the same damn thing putting there world title on Del Rio instead of somebody new an young.

  • Anthony

    How many times have they tried to reinvent themselves??? TNA always had good talent, but never knew how to use them. ECW was so much better and they faded away and ROH knows how to book talent and does so much more with less, maybe ROH should take TNA’s spot.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    This company is dead we just waiting for the video of TNA on the WWE Network right now.