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Goldberg Calls Scott Hall “A Waste Of Space”, Summer Rae Video Interview, Birthdays

– There is no love lost between Bill Goldberg and Scott Hall after the two last worked together in World Championship Wrestling over a decade ago. Thursday morning on Twitter, Hall slighted the former World Heavyweight Champion after a fan asked him what “Goldberg!” chants remind him of: “#Goldmark.”

Goldberg was made aware of Hall’s diss on Twitter and responded to a fan, “He’s a waste of space.”

– In this interview with Brian Fritz of Between The Ropes, Summer Rae talked about bringing the ‘Be a STAR’ anti-bullying message to middle school students in Orlando, Florida, being on the road with WWE, partnering with Fandango, training to get in the ring, cheesy pick up lines and more.

– Celebrating birthdays Friday are former WWE, WCW and ECW competitors Perry Saturn and 2 Cold Scorpio. Saturn turns 47 while the former Flash Funk turns 48. On Thursday, Bill Dundee turned 70-years-old while Dale Torborg, who appeared as The Demon in WCW, turned 42.


    Didn’t mean that much him and undertaker are the only to wrestlers to have streaks like that goldbergs streak is that he came into the business and didnt lose a match no one ever did that before. And the undertakers is he’s never lost at wrestlemania randy Orton had the same thing going for him at survivor series now that didn’t mean much. sure there have been other streak like bob backlunds 4 year I think reign as champmaybe it was 3. Hulk Hogan was champ for 2years straight those didn’t mean squat compared to Bruno sanmartino and his 5 year reign


    Being an addict doesn’t give you a pass on anything if he thinks hes a waste of space now he thought the same before he was an addict so


    Personality was intense one dimensional. Goldberg was doing hurricanranas like he was a cruiser weight doing backflips and rolling amines bars and u think he’s one dimensional Idk. Not to knock Scott hall or anything of but Goldberg was much more dynamic wrestler hall was kinda bland as a wrestler his razor gimmick was awesome and it didn’t transfer very well without it in wcw hence his mediocrity in wcw even though he was part of the kliq and they were running things

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Thats just it, his streak (really) didn’t mean that much when you think about it.

    I mean lets look at say Undertakers streak in comparison, here you have a legend who’s gone undefeated for 20 consecutive Wrestlemaina’s that he’s been a part of and beaten EVERY major name from Flair to HBK… What’s Goldberg done that’s made his streak so special? Beaten a bunch of WCW jobbers/lower card wrestlers and the occasional main event guy in Hogan? Sorry but he’s not even on the same level in comparison, so in my eyes his “streak” wasn’t anything special. It was just WCW being WCW, and it didn’t mean anything.

  • Scott Davies

    Goldbergs claim to fame. His undefeated streak & his World Title victory over Hogan. That’s it.

  • Scott Davies

    That is no way to speak to a recovering addict.

  • Ray Myer

    Then you’ve never seen Goldberg versus DDP at Halloween Havoc. One trick pony my ass. He was coming up with new moves on a pretty normal basis. He had a hundred more moves than people like Cena or even Orton.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    i wouldn’t go that far, but growing up in the late 80’s/early 90’s i remember watching a lot of Scott’s matches in the WWF as “Razor Ramon” which were quite frankly awesome (his ladder matches with HBK at Wrestlemania and SummerSlam were 5 star matches). However I just never saw the same deal as Goldberg, to me (and this is my humble opinion) Goldberg was a one trick pony. Sure, he was athletic coming from an nfl background, but he was VERY one dimensional and (unlike Scott) didn’t really have much charisma or personality

  • Josh

    Jillian Hall > Goldberg

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Scott Hall > Goldberg