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Goldberg Comments on Legends Contract, JBL Begins Climb, SmackDown Tickets

– JBL is scheduled to begin his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa next week. JBL posted a Facebook blog about the upcoming climb.

– WWE presents a SmackDown taping from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 20th. The pre-sale ends tonight at 10 pm ET, the code is SHEAMUS. You can purchase tickets here.

– A fan asked earlier today on Twitter why Goldberg turned down signing a WWE Legends deal. Goldberg replied, “[WWE] Never offered me one.”

  • barry horowitz

    it has nothing to do with grudges you idiots are quick to label any wrestler that you have memory of as a legend. I’m sorry being hot in 98′ and a year of being undefeated and a shitty lackluster run in wwe dont make you legend material,I like goldberg dont get me wrong but is he a legend? NO he is not a legend,think about the word LEGEND and who falls in the category…andre the giant,ric flair, hulk hogan, stone cold steve austin,randy savage…he is NOT in any of these mens leagues! some of you guys need to get over your man crush.

  • Goldberg

    Till he beats Undertaker he wont become a legend!


    Being born in 86′, i was 11in turning 12 when this guy first started out. Needless to say he was for me what John Cena is for young kids today, A SUPERHERO.

    Goldberg was a larger then life character. Nothing can stop him. Tbh, he was a great role model. Dont let anything stand in your way, over come any obstacle.

    I seriously doubt Goldberg will never be offered a legends contract, but until both sides stop holding grudges, it wont happen any time soon.

  • rabid

    While he did have a great career i have difficulty pulling more than a handfull of iconic moments that would cement a legendary status. Now i dont doubt that oneday that may change and the fact that i still hear his entrance and i cant stop myself from trying to breathe in a sparkler means that he is memorable i think the fact that back then how much air time te nwo got no doubt held him and many others back… Looking forward to his dvd … And one.dayim sure he will get his due

  • Bawb


    Not a legend? WCW in ’98 almost imploded because of his push. He had a fantastic year in an above average decent career. Despite him not having longevity, he was nevertheless memorable.

  • Robinson

    I’d have to say becauise is not a legend…..

  • xXx

    because the universe will explode if goldberg comes out on raw wearing a uni, thus starting the ryberg era. god i’m high