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Goldberg Says He Will Probably Return To The Ring By The End Of The Year

Bill Goldberg, who has not wrestled since 2004, stated during a recent autograph signing appearance that he will “probably” return to the ring before the end of 2011.

The former World Heavyweight Champion said that if he returns to the squared circle, his ideal opponent would be Steve Austin.


  • venom

    Goldberg vs Sheamus, Cena, Batista, or Austin would be good. It’s a shame he wants to wrestle so late. His return to the ring would have been better 5 years ago.

  • Austin Vs Goldberg/ Bret Hart Special Ref…
    Cena Vs Goldberg…

    Those would be interesting. If they can sign a Taker/Foley match…would be epic. Be fitting if Mrs. Foley’s baby boy ended the streak. Mick deserves it.

  • whatulookinat

    Goldberg was holding his own in terms of popularity in the last big era against the biggest names of all time, Hogan, Rock, and Stone Cold. He was definitely a bigger star in 1998 than Cena, Triple H, Batista and Orton could ever hope to be.

    He wasn’t the best in the ring but he could hold his own (watch how he turned Regal’s attempt to shoot on him on its ass). He did have the unfortunate situation with Bret Hart, but people tend to single him out when it’s not an entirely unique situation. Plenty of guys have severely hurt other guys and significantly shortened if not ended their careers.

    WWE revisionists (HHH, HBK, and their cocksuckers, mostly) seem to have it out for him, though, and want to undermine his influence and popularity, which anyone who was old enough to watch during that era knows that doing so is pure bullshit.

    That said, it’s seven years since his last match, which was a big time stinker, and no one in their right mind should want to see any dream match with him become reality at this point.

  • blue4everd

    @EvilDoink i believe @shawn was speaking for Autsin in that comment……not Bill 🙂

  • Evil Doink

    @ Shawn – re-read your last statement… Goldberg will not be facing Goldberg? Makes sense to me!

    The should have brought Goldberg back in Atlanta for Mania when they had the chance. If he goes to TNA it would be a shame.

    Foley v. Taker one last time could possibly be epic. Only thing, both guys better start training today, or it could be the slowest match we’ve seen.

  • Camille

    Does he know its not 2003 anymore?

  • Bill

    How about Goldberg vs. Sheamus? That sounds like a great match to me….

  • elvisD

    Maybe he should fight Zack Ryder, for the Internet Championship

  • D2K

    While it’s looking like Foley might be the opponent for Taker at WM28, I wouldn’t mind Goldberg/Taker.

  • Notingham

    Wait.. isn’t he already in TNA? I’m sure of it… He’s that Crimson guy right? Rookie… ridiculous undefeated streak for no apparent reason. Can do like 3 moves. Yeah.. He’s in TNA.

  • daniel

    personally i believe that bill is a business man so it would finacially be in his interest to head bac to the wwe because they can pay a fatter pay cheque but if it was 5 years ago i’d say “whoa yeah awesome” but nowadays i’m kindof feeling like “meh who fucking cares his time is done”

  • Matt


    Yeah, and thats why millions of wrestling fans dreamed of Goldberg vs Austin or vs Undertaker. He might not be that good in the ring, but he is far from being the worst, and he has massive starpower.

  • Gary

    yall forget he was just meeting with Eric Bitchoff a few months back….would mark out for goldberg no matter where Tna, WWE or ROH lol

  • Myers

    If anybody has a “dream match” that involves Goldberg they need to rethink why they even watch wrestling.

  • KitKrock

    Goldberg should go to TNA and fight Kurt Angle. It’s the one dream match people want to see from Bill.

  • Effmenow

    He’s just fucking with you kids.

    Or is he?

  • E is Awesome

    He Could Also Mean In The New WWE game As A legend Character

  • Daniel Schein

    He almost seemed amused at the question and was just humoring the interviewer. I wouldn’t read too much into this although earlier this year there was the rumor WWE was going to induct him into The HOF and give him a Wrestlemania match. Triple H is not a big Goldberg fan so that might kill the chances.

  • ##

    oh gawd, stay home bill

  • Shawn

    First of all, if he returns, it’ll only be to WWE. I find this hard to believe, but maybe he’s been talking to Vince, I have no clue. Secondly, he won’t be facing Steve Austin. If he has one more match in him, and from what I’ve heard, he does *not*, it would be against someone like Cena (ugh!), Hogan or CM Punk. Not, and I repeat, NOT Bill Goldberg.