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  • Indian Goldberg

    Ashole king. You fuck hugely.

    Goldberg is a real man. I hardly think anyone can beat him.

    He is not coming to WWE because there is no one to compete him.

    He is now coming to WWE because of his son’s passion.

    I love Goldberg. I wish him huge success.

    Whoever faces Goldberg, better watch your back.

  • King

    like working for a Carny? wow really bill really? well u weren’t saying that shit when that socalled “carny” as u call him was signing those big Fat/Phat Paychecks now were ya? WWE dont want your ass back so get over yourself ya prick..i was never a fan of yours…all u are is a greedy piece of shit goldberg…u are a poor mans Ultimate Warrior aka Ultimate Warrior 2.0 u have no respect for this business & are a disgrace…just stay the fuck away u greedy ass talentless joke..