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Goldberg Says He Has More Talent In One Finger Than Ryback Has In His Whole Body, Talks Returning

Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald spoke with Bill Goldberg after the Miami Marlins’ Pro Wrestling Night over the weekend. Here are some highlights:

Who he would want to face at WrestleMania:
“If the offer is to go to WrestleMania and to wrestle him and put him over, at the end of the day, me in the ring with Ryback wouldn’t be my ultimate opponent of my choosing. I’d like to wrestle Undertaker with the streak versus streak. You know I’ve never gotten in the ring with him. Let’s give the people something they’ve never seen before. I think after everybody sees what I did out there, I can still do everything I used to do, even at 46-years-old. I’d love to wrestle him. Obviously, [Steve] Austin is a dream match, but the reality is I just want to give the people what they want to see.”

Words for Ryback:
“I don’t think it was his idea to change his gimmick up. He is just taking direction. It gets annoying. It surely got annoying when people called me Steve Austin, but at the end of the day, I took it as a compliment. If I was Ryback or whatever his name is, and I’m not going to be sitting here on my high-horse, but hey man, you have to look in the mirror and thank God that they are comparing him to me. I got more talent in one finger than that punk has in his entire body. I have at 46-years-old more presence than he could have in his entire life. The only reason I’m adamantly antagonized is because he has opened his mouth a couple of times as of late. I guess he was over in Europe and said he took a big Goldberg or something. Ask Triple H. I don’t like people talking about me when I’m not in the business. Ryback, if I see you around, you better hold on tight. That’s all I got to say. This ain’t the WWE. This is called life.”

  • lordkgm

    U can’t be serious? Goldturd and Ryback are better? U guys must be young cause any real wrestling fan knows Goldberg was amazingly gifted! Beyond recognition, he was ahead of his time. Goldberg just didn’t stick around to capitalize on his abilities. Ryback has nowhere near the skill or move set Goldberg possessed. Real talk

  • The Killswitch

    If you don’t watch it or like the show, you have no business commenting here. We have our own reasons for enjoying pro wrestling. You don’t stop going to movies because they’re fake, why stop watching WWE because it’s fake?


    U should take your own advice and watch ric flairs early matches Shawn Michaels early matches. Teddy Blanchard Harley race go watch those people wrestle. So what if its fake. Its still a sport its something you have to knw atleast in smallest of knowledge or u could seriously hurt someone. Mma is what it is today because of wrestling but a slam is a slam. I bet u have never had a duplex done on you. I have in at an Mma school and it hurts likes crap. In wrestling they do this over and over padding or not it hurts.

  • CrowSting

    u do know that wrestling is fake right? who cares about wrestling ability? if u do.. then go watch a wrestling match. the all time greats,,, most of them dont even know how to wrestle even a little lol.

  • Ray Tran

    Goldberg over CrapBack all day!

  • J-J

    Goldberg’s a fucking idiot….

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    William Regal has more genuine wrestling ability than Goldberg & Ryback combined…. Thats not a knock on Goldberg Personally it’s just the truth. I would happily sit and watch a 30 minute wrestling clinic between Regal and Punk/Bryan than a Goldberg or Ryback match

  • CC

    As much as I dislike Goldturd I have to say that why I do not agree with his comments that he is more talented (both of them have very little actual wrestling talent), I do think that Goldturd had more of a “it” factor and the push that WCW gave him was far superior to the one given to Ryback by WWE.
    Simple fact is that Goldturd is kind of the original for this gimmick, and the way WCW sold it was brilliant. But because WWE gave Ryback a second hand gimmick, and failed to work it to its fullest, Ryback just does not have the same presence as Goldturd.

  • poko

    Wrestling ability aside, Goldberg is right about the presence thing. Ryback is built like a truck but the WWE is having to use backstage spots to make him look like a badass. Goldberg comes across as a badass from the moment you see him at the top of the ramp. It’s not just Ryback, either, a lot of the young guys don’t have that presence. Hopefully he’ll gain that with experience.

  • Greg

    Not one to compliment ryback but lets be real ryback is a much better wrestler than goldberg ever was and he cares more about the business than goldberg ever did. And lets also be real goldberg u lost a fist fight to chris jericho ryback
    Would beat your ass like steiner beat ddps

  • Loyd M Walls

    Man, you have lost your mind. Goldberg was the talent for WCW along with Sting.

  • Man

    Both are mediocre at best

  • Shawn Bronald

    Regal’s a beast. What’s your point?

  • Shawn Bronald

    I guess either Goldberg has already signed the WWE contract and is just doing laying the groundwork for a feud or WWE has told him they’ll give him the contract if he can get enough traction and interest going for a possible feud. It’s no coincidence both Ryback and Goldberg are just suddenly taking cheapshots at each other.

  • Solid

    Ryback, you’re next! 😛

  • ddfindl

    Big talk from someone that got whooped by William Regal.

  • xXx

    omg i think this is gonna happen, x-x