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Goldberg Talks WrestleMania 27 Appearance, Wrestling Lesnar Again, Undertaker, more

Thanks to Steven Fernandes for the following…

Bill Goldberg was not a fan of the Undertaker/Lesnar confrontation over the weekend.

On his twitter, when asked about it, he wrote “looked weak to me” and “it served it’s purpose but ill timed”.

He also said if he was offered to face Lesnar again, he would do it “in a second” and about facing Undertaker, he would do it “in a NY minute”.

He also called Edge’s spear “weak” and his favorite wrestler as a kid was Bruiser Brody. When asked if he would make a return at WM 27, he said “not really up to me right now”.

  • keith

    I agree with jcm760

  • slam

    all i have to say is STING VS UNDERTAKER WrestleMania 27

    come on guys lets get this one on the go

  • leon

    I think goldberg should be a ref and that is it…Not in a match..He couldn’t wrestle back then and he can’t wrestle now…Just go in the HOF and be happy with that…Then after this wm i will never hear about goldberg again…

  • Joe Piscapo

    Let’s be reality, Edge has one of the worst spears in the business.

  • HeartBreakHill

    Lol I agree with jcm760

    Edge vs. Goldberg at Mania. SPEAR VS. SPEAR!

  • jcm760

    Edge vs Goldberg @ Mania!
    imagina all the SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! chants
    Edge should win!

  • damkat

    I think it would be great to see Goldberg back at Wrestlemania but not against the Undertaker. It would serve no real purpose and not build anyone up. If he came back I would like to see him face someone like Sheamus and get the win. If it was a good match it could build Sheamus more and still let goldberg go out on a win.

  • rick

    Who’s Goldberg?

  • Hitman

    Goldebrg is WEAK

  • CC

    Goldberg can say Edges spear is weak, but unlike Goldberg, Edge has far more strings to his bow that the two moves that Goldberg ever used.

  • Eric Nixon

    Bringing anyone back for any special match, then have them loose, like would happen in a match Taker, is a bad idea. It doesn’t put anyone over and would likely disuade others from doing similar angles in the future.

  • Evil Doink

    Hmm, sounds like he’s interested. Grab him, WWE! Has Goldberg vs. Undertaker ever heppened before? That would be sweet!

  • Dave

    If they put Bill in against Taker as a heel it would make more sense, but Goldberg is a lot more over as the regular unstoppable beast that we know him as back in the 90’s. To be honest, when I was a lot younger, Goldberg was my favorite wrestler. I would rather him fight Cena and win then see him come back for one more match and lose against The Undertaker.

  • Bryan

    Taker-Goldberg at Wrestlemania in Atlanta would be really interesting to see how it would be booked.

  • !?

    Not the biggest Bill Goldberg fan, but I think that they should involve him in some manner at Wrestlemania XXVII, I mean all of the stars are in place and he was a huge draw back in the late 90s. It’s in Atlanta, It’s the 10 year anniversary of the demise of WCW, WWE are considering WCW Hall of Famers, etc. One question though, shouldn’t the rise and fall of WCW came out during next year when WWE will actually feature WCW?