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Goldberg Talks About Writing New Book & Life After Wrestling

In an interview with The Observer Today, Bill Goldberg was asked bout life after wrestling. Here is what he said.

“Life post-wrestling for me is just trying to live out my dream. It’s all about family and I’m just lucky to be me. I’m lucky that things kind of worked out right. The car stuff I really enjoy, coming out to small towns and doing events like this I really enjoy, I can’t do enough of it.

Doing the car stuff, doing TV and doing movies I’ve been very lucky. Most people only get once chance at finding success in their lives, I’ve had like 10. Pro football I lived a dream and then I got hurt and didn’t know what to do. Here comes wrestling, I quit wrestling and then get into movies and then I get into TV and then I get into doing events like this. I couldn’t be happier.”

Goldberg also talked about writing his new book, “I’m Next.”

“Writing the book was awesome. I have always wanted to write a book. My brother went on the road with me for three weeks, which almost killed him. He was able to experience what we went through.

I didn’t want a ghost writer, I wanted to write it myself, and so he and I wrote it together. It took us a long period of time to write, but I wanted something that was in my own words and something people could easily read. I think we accomplished that and I think we will come out with another one in the next year or two. It’s just a chance for people to see that I’m a normal guy.”