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Goldust Busted Open at RAW, Update on New WWE Network Content & Missing Events, Reigns

– WWE posted the following video from Warialasky, looking at Roman Reigns’ dominance:

– Goldust was upset backstage after being busted open by Fandango in their match on RAW. He received minor medical attention to close the cut.

– Regarding missing pay-per-views on the WWE Network, word is that some have been temporarily taken down to make music and other type of edits. We’ve also heard from many fans who have been told by Network customer service representatives that a ton of new content will be added before the end of this month.

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  • CC

    On top of that, it wasnt like we didnt see it ourselves anyway. I mean does Middleton think that people didnt notice the blood or something?

  • Mike Wells

    Really on the ball with the Goldust story…

    RAW was on Monday. It took you four days to report that Goldust got a cut in the match?!

  • Don Kim

    WWE network has been not working properly last couple of days for me..
    I thought it was my Internet connection but that wasn’t the case..
    Videos get played and freeze after about ten minutes.. It sucks..
    And I’m worried about WM streaming.. If it goes wrong..
    I’ll have to buy the PPV..