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Goldust Debuts New Masked Character, Details On “Hardcore” Bob Holly’s Autobiography

– Dustin Rhodes unveiled a masked version of his Goldust character in a YouTube video Tuesday. He will face off against Chance Prophet at an IWA East Coast event in Nitro, West Virginia on Saturday, Oct. 27.

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– Former WWE Superstar “Hardcore” Bob Holly’s autobiography, The Hardcore Truth: The Bob Holly Story, is scheduled for release on April 1, 2013. ECW Press has released details on the book.

“The wrestling legend Bob “Hardcore” Holly tells all in this autobiography that chronicles his journey from fighting in bars for money to the bright lights of the World Wrestling Federation. Holly reveals how he took more body slams and clotheslines outside the ring than in and that long before he was known as “Hardcore Holly,” he had an unquenchable passion for professional wrestling. Ultimately, Holly would hold the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hardcore Championship seven times, the WWE Tag Team Championship three times, and the National Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Championship once. But in the midst of his career achievements was a rollercoaster of success and frustration, and Holly reveals the plethora of missed opportunities and broken promises that marked his road to television stardom. Replete with fast motorcycles, faster cars, wresting bears, betrayal, and lost love, Holly shares his uncompromised view of his past and the current state professional wrestling.”

  • mabry

    i allways liked Hardcore Holly, i think he deserved better, at least the IC/US/European/ECW title. Anyone remembers Renee Dupree with a black eye after Holly beat the crap outta him for crashing hes rental car?…

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I was never a Holly fan, but I enjoyed his Hardcore title days and stiffing people. He was known as a dick as a bully to rookies, but hey, it’s a tough business. But what I like Holly for; is hating the holy fuck out of Ken Anderson. He said he’s the reason he got let go by WWE. Anderson did something, snitched on/passed the blame to Holly, and he got fired. And if he ever sees him again, he’s gonna beat his ass down. And that’s just funny to me. I hate Kennedy/Anderson, whatever you wanna call him. Such an overrated, over-hyped clown. Not to mention injury-prone and a careless worker. I don’t think I’ll be picking up Holly’s book, but best of luck to him. I’ll never forget WrestleMania 15 or 16 (pretty sure it was 16) when he busted a glass over Big Bossman’s face and his eye swelled up immediately. That was nasty!

  • Little Jimmy

    Hardcore Holly is never going to win any personality or excitement contests any time soon but I liked him especially his Hardcore Title escapades & of course his Team with Crash RIP.

  • Diesel


    Yeah understandable, but that doesn’t excuse the rest. He was god awful on the mic, could barely move around in the ring and not to mention when he DID win the World Title he held it upside down (remember that on Smackdown??) The guy was horrible as a World Heavyweight Champion and shouldn’t have been anywhere near the belt.

    It always amazes me how he got that, yet wrestlers like Regal & Davey Boy Smith (who were great wrestlers) didn’t get one single title reign and they’d have been huge in the UK and over Europe.

  • Paton

    Khali drew money from India. Believe it or not, he wasn’t world champion just to piss you off

  • Diesel

    It was better than December to Dismember/ or anything involving Khali in the main event. You don’t always need charisma to be a main eventer (it worked for Khali)

  • luckysalt

    He got a PPV world title match against Lesnar at Royal Rumble, it stunk.

    He was bland as hell

  • Diesel

    I’m probably one of the very few, but I wish they’d done more with Holly. Yeah ok he wasn’t flashy or charistmatic like say Rocky or HBK, but he worked his ass off and proved himself to be more than just “Sparky Plug” or part of “The JOB Squad”. His “tough love” sketches with Crash (RIP) as The Holly Cousins were always good too.

  • Daniel

    Someone can’t be bothered spending time doing the face paint no more…