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Goldust Says He Doesn’t Want To Wrestle Cody, Talks About Working With Hall & WWE Return

— Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes recently caught up with Monday Night Mayhem, discussing the current storyline with his brother and father, his return to WWE and more. Below are some of the highlights:

On working with DDP Yoga: “With DPP Yoga, there are a couple benefits. I stand up straighter now, and I can bend in ways I couldn’t bend. I feel so much better: my joints, muscles, and bones. It is awesome.”

On working with Scott Hall as Goldust and what Hall taught him in his career: “Me and Scott have had some fun times with the Goldust stuff, even though we didn’t see eye to eye all the time. We always went out there and gave 110%. I had to learn and Scott was a good teacher. He taught me what I needed to know and how to do things the right ways, and I just grew from that. I love Scott.”

On his WWE return earlier this month against Randy Orton: “My nerves were shot. Cody loses his job, and my little brother had the world taken out from under him all because he spoke up. That pissed off my family so I started getting on Twitter saying things to Triple H. Going into that match with Randy, I was focused. I went into that match very focused and very nervous. I was fighting for Cody’s job, and I lost fair in square.”

With his dream match with Cody: “It could take place in the foreseeable future or whenever, you never know what is going to happen in the WWE. But, I’ll say that I don’t want that anymore.”