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Some Good News for Jerry “The King” Lawler

Jim Ross revealed on Twitter that Jerry “The King” Lawler has suffered no brain damage following his heart attack.

“Memphis TV channel 3 reports @JerryLawler has NO brain damage from his Monday night heart attack. Thank God for WWE doctors & EMTS.”

Lawler suffered a heart attack on this past Monday’s episode of Rse. Because of the amount of time it took to revive him backstage, there was concern about brain damage due to the lack of oxygen being supplied to his brain.

Lawler’s ex-wife, Stacey Carter, responded to the news on Twitter.

“The rumors are true. I just got confirmation that @jerrylawler test results are in & he has NO brain damage. This is wonderful news!!!!!”

  • Jon

    I don’t you guys understand that it was a mircle that Jerry alive. Yes the doctors and first response get will credit for saving his life but it a Jerry didn’t suffer any brain injury and to that we thank God

  • Dick Cockwrinkle

    So glad The King lives on. I completely agree with ME, the medical staff and doctors deserve all the praise for saving his life. GOD gets all the gratitude but none of the blame? An we can’t say anything bad about some story of an invisible man in the sky but you can personally attack people for not believing the story? LONG LIVE THE KING!!

  • Treg

    Wonderful news indeed!!

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    Imagine the pop he is going to get on his return. Will be epic.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Very happy to hear King has no brain damage. It would suck if he lost that great sense of humor. Get well soon, Jerry!!!

  • Hank Moody

    Thank God he’s ok.

    And yes, I said GOD. U mad, atheists? Get mad over nothing, as usual. The medical staff deserves all the credit in the world for saving him, but this could’ve happened anywhere. Lawler had a blocked artery, so this was a timebomb waiting to go off, and it’s a miracle that it happened in a place where he recieved immediate medical attention, otherwise he would be dead right now.

  • CM Mark

    Good news indeed.

  • sean

    that’s awesome news about the king

  • Well

    I don’t really like King, but I’m also glad he’s ok

  • wf3458

    I don’t think Jerry would approve this too.

  • wf3458

    Gosh im offend by seeing this. This is not a religious site it a wrestling site.

  • Statch

    There is only one god for me and it’s name is science. Not going to get into some philosophical debate. Just gonna wish my best for the King.

  • Statch

    There is only one god for me and it’s name is science

  • wildeye

    I was baptized as a catholic and not into religion but never put down anyones belief. as human beings we have the right to believe what we want to. Either way it is awesome to hear that The King does not have brain damage no matter who was involved. Thank goodness for all that were involved in the situation and that helped or still helping to keep him alive.

  • centerman

    @me, you’re an intelligent person that is NOT misguided in your reason and logic. Credit goes to the medically trained individuals, with scientific knowledge of human biology and physiology. Or maybe you other guys are right. Wishful thinking and a magic sky man done it.

  • Huh?

    @me: I’m hoping you’re younger than 14. You’re lack of respect for other’s beliefs makes me hope that your misguided anger is due to your lack of life experience. You don’t have to believe in religion to respect someone and their accompanying beliefs.

    If you don’t like it, ignore it.

  • Dave

    If Lawler survived his heart stopping for 15 minutes, then it is a testament to the quality of the CPR being administered backstage. Whoever was performing it must really have known what they were doing.
    If any of you get the opportunity to learn proper CPR. Take it. It could make the difference between a loved one surviving and not.

  • Jon

    ^how bout you. Yes the doctors were grateful for and they should be honor. But by God is Jerry came back without brain injury. So how bout you shut up and respect.

  • me

    shut the fuck up with the religious crap, holy fucking shit, DOCTORS saved him, not your fake deity, fucking assholes, have some respect for the hard working people that ACTUALLY saved him.

  • centerman

    I’m glad to hear this bit of good news. Get well soon King.

  • KC

    well Christians and those that believe know that we serve a awesome God and last time I checked he still in the miracle working business

  • misfit del rio

    Good news, the power of prayer does work. On days like these I’m really proud of all my brothers and sisters in the wrestling universe, we put all our diferences aside and got together for the good of one person

  • Best In The World

    YES YES YES that is great news take as much time needed king

  • D2K

    @ Jon: I concur. Thank God indeed. I will continue to pray for his full recovery.

  • Jon

    In the words Jim Ross mostly uses.”thank God almighty”.

  • Tommy

    I’m from Quebec, Canada and we use to say our medical system is crap but I must say that I’m really proud of the medical staff that night.

    Get well Lawler.

  • mark

    excellent news. I still think he shouldnt come back to raw full time once hes recovered

  • bb

    thatgreat news and get well the king!

  • Jimbo

    That is a miracle. 15 minutes without oxygen could have left him with serious life-
    Altering damage. I’m happy for him.

  • matt

    Thank goodness no brain damage get well king

  • Another John

    This is great news to hear. Get well King!