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Great Khali Says He Had Nothing To Do With Recent Shooting in India is reporting the following:

“WWE star The Great Khali has been linked to a shooting in India that happened on Friday — but the 7 foot superstar tells TMZ he had nothing to do with it.

According to varying reports, a bodyguard working for Khali allegedly fired shots into a crowd and reportedly injured three people.

But Khali tells us, “I am deeply saddened to hear of this incident and am disappointed it has been incorrectly reported that I was involved. I had left my friend’s house a half an hour before the reported shooting took place and did not have any bodyguards with me. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people who were injured.”

  • drizzt73

    That would have to be one big handgun to fit in Khali’s hand

  • Sumit

    @ shiftysandy: ur opinion
    @ Matt: Law is pretty slow in india, they handover the conviction but the cases and appeals goes on and on forever. The terrorist who was behind Mumbai attack was convicted and sentenced to death, but thanks to the long proceedings in india, we know he will get free food till he die his natural death, Thats the sad treatment for some1 who killed 400 people. (but thats a diff topic)
    @ kenn: u r right the language that khali speaks is Punjabi and Hindi

  • Kenn

    By the way, there is no language called Indian. India has many many languages – not one of them is a national language and not one of them is called Indian.

  • Matt

    so since friday he’s been caught and convicted in court huh? 😆

  • shiftysandy

    i think it’s bullcrap. khali is 100% behind it, and his bodyguard is jail cover, he is a coward, not a man

  • Sumit

    Well guys i am an indian, and aware what happened there. The reports are publicized because the bodyguard of khali was involved and khali had nothing to do with this incident.
    And his bodyguard was immediately sent behind bars and is being convicted in court for his actions.
    And yup khali speaks better english then what is presented, he was speaking it pretty fine in a recent reality show he participated in India.
    The things are based more on rumors then facts, but anyways everyone have there opinions so cheers.

  • Matt

    Jon-Jon = total homo

  • Jon-Jon

    oxslangshoot = total troll

  • oxslangshoot

    i dont believe what he said

  • Anon GM

    The Great Khali is the greatest world heavyweight champion EVER! Khali > Miz, Sheamus, etc etc combined

  • Bryan Reynolds

    @CiB hahaha good stuff

  • Kelly

    David,he probably speaks english pretty good, just the WWE has his character I think speak Indian.

  • CiB

    Well, David, chances are these comments are translated from Indian into English. they’ll likely have been comments to the Indian press after all.

    I’m willing to bet a large sum of money that his English is better than your Indian.

  • David

    …Khali said that? Sure it wasn’t, “Agck! Anu aduba ashubee!” ?