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GSP Tears ACL, Interim Title Match Set

The ever elusive Diaz vs. GSP fight has once again been put on the shelf following a recent announcement made by UFC president Dana White that GSP’s knee is far from healthy.

Dana stated, “GSP blown ACL will be out for 10 mos. Now Condit vs. Diaz for the interim welterweight title on Feb 4th in Las Vegas!!”

With the recent announcement that welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre is injured and out for 10 months Condit will now face off with Diaz in the main event of UFC 143.

  • Gary

    keep that up and you will join the last troll who got IP banned, what you cant prove anything so u just rage and state a homo-comment? its okay iron, i kno, you have no point when you comment, fuckin troll

  • gary should suck on roberts cock

  • Gary

    and iron how do you think so? because tearing acl makes you stronger? ask ex green bay packer Robert Brooks, whos career was damn near over because of the injury, left in 98, came back for hlf a season and then retired. there are alot of players who acl injurys end they career, and i haent heard 1 story of a person having a ACL tear come back BETTER then they was before

  • ironcross

    He will only get better

  • Gary

    I agree, it might just be me not wanting his legacy to be ruined…alot of times i see people come back when they shouldnt (not just mma) and it ruins who they where.

  • Andrew

    I will say Gary does have a point w/ GSP not returning the same as he was before, but I have to disagree with GSP’s retiring. GSP is def. in his prime and he’s got a good few years in him to keep going. Of course, whether he retires or not is up to him for sure, but objectively, he’s still at his peak (or maybe still reaching his peak)

  • bonerjams

    Superman punch, tackle to the floor, and dry hump the fighter till the fight is over.

  • Gary

    sorry s0meone didnt see your reply when i did my last, so i will touch on what u said. The earliest we will see GSP back (hope its faster) is 2013, I dont want GSP to retire, Im a huge fan of his, but as a fighter who is 30, with 24 fights under his belt (alrdy)he is in his ‘prime’ as we speak, and now he is gone for atleast 10 months..maybe longer, depending on rehab, and camp after the injury. The GSP of the past might not be the same GSP we will se ein a yr or 2….

  • Gary

    i wouldnt have a problem telling GSP that, it isnt like i questioning him as a man, or his skills, just know that SOME injurys at certain ages are hard to comeback from… Would you like GSP to come back from injury and turn into Tito ortiz? No, I wouldnt, hence why i rather him hang it up…. but, if dude can heal and come back at 100% i’d be happy…dnt take it as im a GSP hater, dude is one of the best (EVER) im Just sayin…..

  • ironcross

    HaHaHa ok Gary you can tell him that to his face..

  • SOmeone

    Seriously Gary? GSP is still very young and has accomplished a ton in a short amount of time for only being around 30 years old or so. He will stick around because why go somewhere else when the UFC is the biggest stage of them all?

  • Gary

    HATE to say it but i dnt see GSP sticking around after his contract is up…i think its time (even thou sad) to ahng it up GSP