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Second Guessing Cara vs. Cara, Update on Morrison’s WWE Status and More

– WWE officials were disappointed at how the crowd reacted towards some of the bigger stars participating in the walkout angle, and the fact that two of the people the crowd reacted to the most were Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. It was considered a really bad sign when the announcers were perceived by the fans as bigger stars than the wrestlers.

– Internally, there was a lot of second guessing the agents’ work in the Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara match at WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view because they were exchanging high spots in what was billed as a grudge match.

– As noted before, it’s believed that John Morrison will be leaving WWE soon. It’s said that he has done nothing wrong or caused trouble for officials but there’s speculation that like Drew McIntyre, Morrison is paying the price for who he was dating – former WWE Diva Melina.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • mark

    maybe morrison v mcintyre in a loser v loser match

  • Greg

    Idk bout JOMO. He is a phenomenol talent but hes never rele wowed me as a face. If he went heel again i feel like it would save his career. Think about it, who rele wants to cheer a pretty boy who wears kanye west glasses. He wud make an awesome cocky heel

  • In Grind We Crust

    that is beyond fucked up. that’s biasing someone based on their social life and not their work ethic. if he skipped shows or was disorderly durring shows that’s one thing but to kick his ass over something he did outside the company is ridiculous. fuck you WWE, John Morrison has so much potential and was definitely ready for a main event push. Thank you, you fucking scum.

  • Red Rooster

    Just go back and watch Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber 2011 and you will see how talented Morrison is. I don’t know anyone else who can do what he does. If they were worried about charisma over talent, then half the roster would be in jeopardy.

    I agree with josh above about lack of character development. Also, maybe the crowd wasn’t into the bigger name wrestlers leaving because they weren’t into the stupid storyline. The whole thing was kind of dumb, especially when everyone knows “the show must go on.”

  • venom

    I think JR and The King got bigger reactions is because they have been with the company for a long time.

  • Damien Phoenix

    Whatever happened to Drew happened a while ago and they should move on from that, if not than they are wasting a great talent same with Morrison

  • josh

    wanna know why people boo’d lawler and ross more? cus most of us know NOTHING about most the wrestlers. no character development, lazy story writing. so we really dont invest much interest into them. i could care less if slater, bourne, ezekial walked out. they just about got the same reaaction leaving as they do coming out for entrances.

  • Devil_Rising

    It isn’t that the announcers are “bigger stars” than the wrestlers. It’s that you build HHH up to be this awesome “no compromise guy”, instead of letting him act like a total heel like the character he’s playing requires, THEN you make it so most of the roster walks out, with said OVER star HHH calling them all cowards for doing so. How do you THINK the fans are gonna react, when “Mr. DX” pretty much all but tells them to boo EVERYONE that walked out? Give me a break.

  • JIR

    UnF–king fair this is bullshit if its true

  • MJ

    Its simple guys! Melina pissed alot of people off and now that she’s gone they are taking it out on JOMO!

  • MJ

    It is a business. There shouldn’t be any relationships if there is any punishment becauuse of it. As for Melina basically talking about the wwe killing his career that doesnt really help much. Drew has been a jobber for so long its embarassing! Him and his (former) wife get in a fight and then she’s fired but he’s not. Melina is just like Sunny and JOMO is like Chris candido. If nobody knows who they are look them up and you will see that their stories are excatley the same!

  • alex delarge

    ya man i agree with you, it’s dissapointing that he’s leaving though

  • poko

    If Morrison hasn’t done anything wrong, or caused any trouble, then I don’t believe who he is dating makes any difference. This isn’t High School, it’s a multi-million dollar business. They wouldn’t let him go if they considered him a valuable asset. You don’t get very far in business if you worry about someone’s girlfriend.

    It’s been rumored a very long time that the WWE isn’t enamored with Morrison, I assume because he isn’t very charismatic as a face, though I remember reading awhile back that management wasn’t happy with his in-ring performance. Personally, I think it’s because they have other “good guys” they want to push (like Mason Ryan), and Morrison probably makes too much money to be a simple jobber.