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— James Roday and Dule Hill, stars of the USA Network original hit series, Psych, will guest host the January 25, 2010 edition of Monday Night Raw in Columbus, Ohio. The WWE website made the following announcement yesterday:

Jan. 25, 2010: James Roday & Dule Hill
Two days before their USA Network original hit series, Psych, returns for its winter season, stars James Roday & Dule Hill will be the special guest hosts of Raw from Columbus, Ohio. Then, on Jan. 27, John Cena will join Roday & Hill on the “You Can’t Handle This Episode” season four continuation show on it’s new night, Wednesday, at 10/9 CT. For more on Roday, Hill and Pysch, visit USANetwork.com.

— AskMen.com is asking you to decide who the most desirable woman of 2010 is — from stand-up comediennes and powerful businesswomen to Oscar-bound actresses and swimsuit models. Kelly Kelly was the lone woman from the wrestling world to be nominated this year. You can vote for the WWE Diva under the “Models & Athletes” category. Access Hollywood host Maria Menounos, who competed in a Divas tag match this past October on Monday Night Raw, was also nominated — under the “Actresses” category. You can view the entire nomination list at the following link.

— WWE ring announcer Howard Finkel has one specific goal in mind this year and that is to announce a live WWE event in 2010 as it would make him a “five decade man.” He wrote the following in his latest blog:

“You know, I do have one specific goal in mind to attain this year: If get the opportunity to go into the ring to announce a live WWE event in 2010, that will make me a “five decade man”! I started my ring announcing gigs in 1976; you do the math :) I hope that it happens, because all right, it sounds cool for sure to have that title affixed to you. But more importantly, I still have the passion pride, and desire to go out there and entertain all of you when the opportunity presents itself.”

Jeff Hardy returning? + see cut SmackDown footage ->

  • Big Saw

    I find it quite amusing that WWE are running a story line about Mickie James being fat and more people in this conversation said she was the most attractive than any other. Extra funny because I agree, she’s fine.

  • Shawn

    For those of you that dont know, Kelly Kelly is a former swimsuit model. Thats why she was nominated. I doubt they even looked at other Divas. Oh well their loss

  • TeeJay

    hey genius:
    70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s. That’s 5 bro

  • The Stunner

    1976-2010 isn’t 5 decades. If so I’d be 53 and not 33. Learn to do some math or at least know how long a decade actually is.

  • scooter

    no yeah shes hot but she has no talent and probably as thick as a pile of bricks so no she’s not desirable

  • Paul123

    i agree… katie lea definatly.. i also like gail kim or melina,,

  • Deva469

    katie burchill is the best diva there,.,, in wrestling ablitity and looks

  • scooter

    hey i like keely and baddog step off redforce

  • baddog_1_2k

    I obviously spelled her name wrong

  • baddog_1_2k

    Keely is more than desierable I think thats putting it lightly

  • RPM

    compared to when kelly kelly was in ECW she can wrestle quite well but she still needs more training.
    I still think shes learnt more then candice or ashley ever did in the same time frame.

    Mickie James is most definately more attractive to me though.

  • Fizzy

    wasnt the rock meant to be hosting a raw in january !?!?!?!?!?…… what happend to that ….

  • It doesn’t matter what my name is

    Gail Kim all the way

  • johnny

    kelly kelly is a whore

  • slack

    Kelly is as desirable as a pig who been raped by a cow.

  • Tony A.

    Kelly Kelly???????????? MARYSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What WHat

    Kelly Kelly… oh my godness.. She looks really good but she CAN’T WRESTLE !! All what she do/did is just screaming! We see Kelly Kelly more in Magazine’s with so many people dating as in a wwe ring. Please Kick that Blond Du”mb chick out of the wwe

  • Tomo

    I certainly desire Mickie James more!

  • edgehead15

    Kelly Kelly most desirabe? I rather have Melina or even Mickie James that that preppy blonde idiot

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