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Gunn Working with FCW Talents, WWE Purchases Footage from ROH, More

– We noted earlier that WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Tommy Dreamer would be appearing at Dave and Busters on Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia on October 7th to promote Dreamer’s House of Hardcore. The signing is actually a RF Video signing. The two stars will be appearing from 2pm until 5pm. Prices are $100 for a combo with Edge that includes a photo and autograph. Extra autographs will be $40. Tommy Dreamer’s combo will be $25 or you can go $15 for a photo only and $15 for an autograph only.

– As seen earlier, MVP replied to Kevin Nash’s comment about smaller wrestlers not being able to draw. MVP just posted a follow-up on Twitter:

“Let the record show, I LIKE @RealKevinNash he’s always been cool to me. I just don’t agree with his opinion. Doesn’t mean we’re hostile.”

– Former DX member Billy Gunn has been down at WWE developmental this week to work with the FCW talents. We noted last week that Vader was in town to work with the talents.

– Regarding WWE’s upcoming CM Punk DVD featuring Ring of Honor footage, WWE went to ROH and asked them for permission to use the footage. Most likely WWE paid some amount of money to ROH’s parent company Sinclair Broadcasting. WWE also paid some money to Ian Rotten to use footage of Punk in IWA Mid-south.

Partial source: PWInsider

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