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Gunner Fires Back At Internet Wrestling Fans, Alex Shelley Faces Okada

— Gunner posted a diatribe on his Twitter account in response to wrestling fans criticizing Impact Wrestling’s “Wrestling Matters” initiative.

“If ya shoot why don’t u realize first “wrestling matter” is the whole package! Promo’s, matches and everything!! It takes stories to build to good matches,” Gunner wrote. “I know everyone has opinions but don’t be an idiot!!

“Wrestling is a whole new world than it used to be!! How about learning to cut a promo or do backstage SHIT before u shoot on a company.” He continued, “WWE and Impact both have promos and in ring segs for a reason…to BUILD to a match! Oh I got it, let’s just have random ass matches for no reason.

“And there is Gunner’s 2 cents worth!!! Fools.”

— Alex Shelley faces Okada in the first round of the TNA Xplosion Championship Challenge.


— TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Mickie James and Winter have been announced for Legends of the Ring XIII, which takes place Saturday, October 8 at the Crowne Plaza in Monroe, New Jersey.

  • venom


    This guy should learn how to cut a promo before he shoots to the fans.

  • jimbo jones

    what this guy shouldve said was “GOOD promos make GOOD stories that involve GOOD matches.” But then again, maybe when i actually watch TNA again I’ll give 2 shits and a piss for what he says. Of course he’s going to say TNA is great and “wrestling matters.” He works for TNA and seems like he’s in a comfortable spot with the company.

  • JBL

    wrestling matters to only real wrestlers like cm punk kurt angle edge Ron Simmons. real wrestlers not sports entainers

  • dan

    what an asshole. really I reckon random matches would be great, that would really show that wrestling matters not just being randomly pushed for the sake of some stupid angle, that totally devalues wrestling as a whole. again, what a dick, smug asshole.

  • Matt

    Venom, you really are a pain in the @$$. You never have anything positive to say and all you do is bash guys who put their bodies on the line to entertain you.

    I like Gunner. He used to wrestle in the Carolinas and Georgia as Phil Shatter and I remember going to see him live. It’s refreshing to see somebody work their tail off for so long and finally get a shot. He’s a nice guy and I wish him the best.

  • scooter

    the problem isn’t that promos and storylines don’t matter its that tna promos and storylines and promos usually suck donkey ass

  • venom

    This Gunner guy is stupid. He looks so dumb talking. He pretty much admit that you need entertainment to make a wrestling match good. Somebody took too many chair shots to the head.

  • ??

    Its not about what the people want. Its not about what the kids want. Its about what those multi-million dollar television networks want. Both Spike and USA are running these companies the way they want them ran. And its something that people just need to get used to. That’s why the WWE is the way it is now. And that’s exactly whats going to happen to TNA

  • CC

    What a fucking tool. We all know that the only reason behind this Wrestling Matters campaign is that WWE wants to call itself entertainment, so to berate the fans for pointing out that nothing has changed and that TNA and WWE are stilling doing exactly the same thing no matter what they call it, shows what a dumb cunt he is.
    Fans know that promos, storylines and wrestling are all needed, what they are pissed off with is all TNA is doing is going out there and telling us wrestling matters, when what they call wrestling is no different to what WWE calls entertainment.

    And look at it this way, instead of calling the fans names because they are unhappy, look at your product and try to improve it.
    Nothing is better guaranteed to push fans away than telling them they dont know what they want.

  • Cody

    After back to back weeks with wins over Sting and Ken Anderson I highly doubt that he is trying to save his job.

  • Stumpy

    No truer words have ever been spoken by a man trying to save his job. With the axe being sharpened, we will probably see more tweets just like this in the coming days.