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What Happened with Foley and The Rock’s Birthday, WWE DVD Changed, Morrison

– John Morrison will be appearing at the FYE store on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington, DC on June 19th at 11am. The signing is open to the first 200 fans and a wristband policy is in effect. Wristbands will be given to the first 200 attendees that purchase the WrestleMania 27 DVD/Blu-ray or the John Morrison: Rockstar DVD.

– WWE has replaced their “50 Biggest Matches in WWE History” DVD set with a new set called “50 Most Shocking, Surprising & Amazing Moments in WWE History”, scheduled for release on August 23rd in DVD and Blu-ray formats.

– In an update on the story about Mick Foley wanting to appear at last week’s RAW for The Rock’s birthday, Foley actually heard weeks before that there would be a birthday party for The Rock on RAW and was interested in going and being a part of it in some way. Foley thought the party would be on the April 18th RAW and he had a TNA appearance that night that was canceled. So Foley asked if he could attend the April 18th RAW, which was actually in London, thinking it was in Miami.

About an hour later, Foley found out that he had the dates mixed up and that Rock’s birthday celebration was scheduled for May 2nd. Foley already knew he was scheduled for iMPACT tapings on May 2nd and the story ends there. Foley did ask TNA’s Dixie Carter and Terry Taylor if he could go to RAW when he thought it was on April 18th and was reportedly given permission.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    It’s good that they are releasing more videos on bluray. I’ll pay extra for better quality.

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    @king of kings.

    If you hate jomo so much why did you even watch the dvd to begin with?

    I aint sayin…I’m just sayin…

  • The King of Kings 69

    that John Moron-Son(Morrison) dvd aint worth the time to watch..its the worst DVD i have seen in the last 5yrs maybe even 10yrs..its brutally bad aint worth the money

  • Bcvs

    I’m extremely sorry for my dirty behaviour,but everytime I read news in WE,I masturbate to the pic of Tiffany.
    Can you remove it please?