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Whatever Happened To Mike Knox?, Batista Appearing On Playboy Radio, Melina

— Mike Knox wants nothing to do with the professional wrestling industry following his release from WWE last year. Friends of the 33-year-old say he became depressed over being let go by WWE and therefore won’t accept requests for independent dates or even conventions.

— Former WWE Champion Batista stated on Twitter that he will be appearing on Playboy Radio tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 CT. The program airs on Sirius Satellite Radio 102 and XM Satellite Radio 102.

— Melina’s first post-WWE match on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at Women Superstars Uncensored’s Wargames Internet pay-per-view has been moved to the NYWC Sportatorium in Deer Park, Long Island due to ongoing issues with the ACE Arena in Union City, New Jersey. She will face Serena Deeb.


  • Jefferson D’Arcy


    I was thinking the same thing lol. An article about MELINA and TWO guys who’ve allegedly banged her, and not one of them being her boyfriend. And no jokes?! Venom tried his best, but it wasn’t a knee-slapper. Maybe he’s still depressed that Shawn Michaels eliminated him at the 2006 Survivor Series and had no clue who he was…

    HBK: Who was that? — Triple H: That was Mike Knox. — HBK: But was he a part of the match? — Triple H: Oh yeah, he was in the match. — HBK: Oh, so we’re doing good then.

  • venom

    I think Mike Knxz is depressed because he found out Melina was going around the locker room. Mike Knox has the description of a depressed person from his appearance. i hope he gets help. I don’t think him declining appearances is going to help either.


    I was actually a really big fan of Mike Knox!!!

  • Liam Catterson

    I suppose he is going to do a rip off from Fatt Hardy, make a youtube vid and make everyone think he is dead

  • Looks like Mike Knox is pulling a Perry Saturn.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Too bad. I thought his crazy doctor like gimmick was working well for the guy and along with that he was an agile man for his size.

  • Rob

    What? no Melina jokes yet?

  • voice of reason

    well the man went from a big star travelling & performing all over the world & bang the wwe gets rid of him it’s a huge adjustment for anybody, some will take it well but some won’t take it well & if said person has a underlying pycshiatric condition it would bring the condition to the forefront & as with mike depression has set in i hope mike gets well soon i really hope mike has a great support network around him & he’s not left alone to fight the depression.

  • RAMSES 2

    mike knox was awesome wrestler!!!!

  • Snark Mark

    Thats a shame about Knox. He was on the verge of developing an interesting character to go along with his look. I remember watching him getting over on Kane and thinking, “this guys got a little something besides just the beard”. Next thing you know, puff. Regardless, whats done is done. Hopefully he can find success and happiness elsewhere.

  • voice of reason

    i hope mike is getting the help he needs get well soon.

  • theMark

    lol ^^ he was prolly sharing the bathroom with Pillhead Tomko

  • KitKrock

    Mike knox is gonna die soon. 🙁
    RIP mr. Knox.