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What Happened After Last Night’s WWE RAW in Canada

– Ian H. sent the following:

After last night’s RAW ended here in Edmonton, The Miz and R-Truth ran down to help Alberto Del Rio on the beatdown to John Cena and CM Punk. Punk and Cena fought back, hitting their finishers on Truth & Miz while Del Rio goes to the floor. Punk got Del Rio’s scarf and Ricardo Rodriguez was sent in to get it back. Punk teased Ricardo like a matador and then nailed him with a GTS followed by an Attitude Adjustment from Cena.

They did the cheer-off from RAW that they did a few weeks ago and Punk got way more cheers than Cena. Cena raised Punk’s arm high and left while Punk hung around for the fans.

  • Trixie

    I agree if one person holds the title too long then people are going to start complaining. However, it would not be the same thing if it were Punk holding it, because he hasn’t held it for 1500 days or whatever Cena’s record is. But if it were Punk holding it ALL the time and shit like Cena and Orton and HHH, then yes it would be the same.

    I’m not acutally hating on Del Rio, though, because Punk won the title that way by catching both Edge and Jeff Hardy in that kind of situation. That’s how MITB works.

    I also agree that Punk/Nash is bad booking, I mean wasn’t everyone complaining about Nash being in the ring a year ago or whatever when he was over in TNA? So why would it be totally fine now for him to return to the ring? But anyway…

  • Punk/Nash is a prime example of bad booking. They were doing good until that. It’s a waste of a time at this point. Should have done that program, instead of the Orton feud earlier this year, if they wanted him to get over on a legend so bad. Now is not the time.

  • Mark

    No, the haters are tired of him. In no way am I a fan of Cena’s, but do haters like you really think if John were to go away the show would magically be better? No, there’d just be a new guy that the hater’s would hate on. There’s people hating on Alberto now that he’s the champ, so ya, its never gonna end.

    If Punk got the championship back and held it for the rest of the year, it would be the same argument as Cena…People would start getting sick of him soon too.

  • alib34

    Fuck cena ppl are tired of him .cm punk is carrying raw right now