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What Happened After RAW, Ambrose Wins Dark Match, WWE Superstars Matches

– The dark main event after last night’s WWE RAW Supershow in Laredo, Texas saw John Cena defeat Big Show and Tensai. Cena hit Show for the Attitude Adjustment after Show laid out Tensai on accident. John Laurinaitis came down after the match with a chair and hit Cena with it. Cena blocked the second shot and hit the AA on Laurinaitis to end the show.

– Dean Ambrose defeated Michael McGillicutty in the dark match before this week’s RAW in Laredo.

– Matches taped last night for this week’s WWE Superstars were Alex Riley vs. Antonio Cesaro and Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger.

  • Kevin

    My God… RAW last night was HORRIBLE!..

  • john

    this cena winning just so his 9 year old fans go home happy shit needs to stop!!! bad enough him winning on live TV!!

  • Sammo

    @greatest one

    You’re missing the point – Cena beating up all the bad guys is just to send the crowd home happy. It has nothing to do with the writing team. It’s only a dark match and certainly doesn’t go into the record books as an official result.

  • greatest one

    I saw the headline and thought, “I wonder how many people cena beat up this time?”

    Shocked writers don’t have cena vs all matches