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What Happened After RAW, Henry Comments on The Shield, TLC

– The announce team for Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view will be Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL.

– Mark Henry tweeted the following on Monday:

“What up?Yeah it’s me still alive,I’m pushing to come back but that don’t mean it will happen.Shield is pissing me off.Ass kicking is my job.”

– After last night’s RAW went off the air in Newark, New Jersey, the babyface Superstars gained the upperhand and cleared the ring of The Shield and Big Show. Dolph Ziggler was left alone and got Shell Shocked from Ryback, then a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Daniel Bryan hit a flying headbutt and Kane chokeslammed him. Cena ended it with an Attitude Adjustment.

  • Sammo


    Pretty much every WWE taping and house show ends with a heel receiving multiple finishers. It’s not shown on TV so it means nothing – it’s just to send the kids home happy.

  • Dolph Zigger

    And I sold every move better than anyone else could have…Why? Because I am the best.

  • eric

    knowing the un-creative writing team. they are going have cena destroy dophl. buried another young guy. cena for another world title. boring!

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    And this is the person who is sposed to be our next world heavyweight champion. Love Dolph, hate how they use him.