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What Happened After RAW Last Night with Austin and Others

– Neil sent the following:

Just got back from RAW at Nassau and it was easily the best RAW I’ve been to in a while. The crowd was super hot all night and loved Austin. After RAW went off the air on USA, The Miz came out to face John Cena in a Street Fight for the WWE Title.

Sheamus, Punk, R-Truth and Miz all ended up beating Cena. Punk mocked Steve Austin and had a “beer bash” but with Diet Pepsi. Austin’s music hit and he came out with Stunners for everyone. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Miz to win the match and send everyone home super happy.

  • d

    i couldn’t tell on TV if the crowd was chanting cena sucks or cm punk but it sounded like a very pro punk crowd
    plus his backstage skit with Austin was fantastic

  • venom

    Super happy would be Undertaker tombstoning Cena.

  • Callum

    i dont think people were super happy about cena winning since half the audience were booing him

  • Stevie P

    Super Cena wins again after selling for no one. Amazing.

  • John Cheesa

    That question should say “Why do you think…” instead of “We do you think…”

  • John Cheesa

    Cena should’ve been drafted to Smackdown because all the little kiddies are home on Friday nights anyway. We do you think TGIF was so big for ABC back in the day? It’s because kids were home to enjoy shows like Urkel and Boy Meets World. It would make sense from a business standpoint to draft Cena to Smackdown for this exact reason. No one who appreciates good product wants him on Raw-especially not with the WWE Title. Too bad WWE missed the boat when they held this year’s draft, though.

  • mark

    Super happy, wot a stupid statement!!! Half the arena was shouting Cena sucks

  • Seth

    Raw in Long Island with no Iced-Z = not everyone went home SUPER happy.

  • kylenenichole

    I was NOT super happy! Cena is overrated and annoyingly always right up in my face. He’s a joke and I HATE him having the belt….Plus Punk is being used like shit and its ridiculous. Didn’t mind Austin it was kind of a breath of fresh air, something different for a damn change. The only thing about Cena I found refreshing last night was all the “CENA SUCKS” chants I heard….proving that I’m not the only one who is sick of Cena and his same ole same ole routine

  • Camille

    Punk diet soda bath must see

  • CC

    ” and send everyone home super happy.”
    My guess is not everyone went home happy, let alone “super” happy, considering how once again Cena ends up making all the heels look weak, even if it did require help from Austin.