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What Happened After RAW Last Night, No Jonah Hill or Brodus Clay

– Despite being advertised as the special guest star of Monday’s WWE RAW, actor Jonah Hill did not appear. No word yet on why he was not there.

– Also advertised for RAW but not there was Brodus Clay. This is the third straight week where he’s been advertised and hasn’t returned. Recently, the “Michael Cole Challenge” was scheduled for RAW and was delayed three weeks as well.

– After Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow from Hershey, PA went off the air, there was a six-man tag-team match featuring Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and The Miz vs. Randy Orton, John Cena and The Big Show.

Cena took Miz out early in the match with a punch. Swagger came to the ring and was immediately hit with a WMD from The Big Show and then an Attitude Adjustment from John Cena. Orton then hit Ziggler with a RKO to send the crowd home happy. All the faces celebrated to their own music.

  • venom

    Brodus Clay is going to make his impact.

  • josh fall,river, ma

    U heard it here first ppl. Wwe “it begins” promo is wcw returning to take what’s there’s meaning the world hvy wt. and united states belts…with the wwe channel coming in april 2012 wwe will have numerous “companies” on that channel throughout the week wcw, ecw, fcw,nxt, lucha libre usa, and possibly if rumors are true nwo. The wwe will no longer be a company within a industry but a industry with many “companies”…thus with the sitcoms and movies the wwe will also have on the network Vince and the company he bought from his late great father will finally become the media giant they so rightfully deserve to be

  • Bill

    Honestly, WWE needs an ECW 2008-like show again for all of these lower mid carders to debut & actually do stuff. Superstars doesn’t count. Reks & Hawkins could be tag champs for the brand, & maybe Tyson Kidd as the singles champion, or use it to test out FCW guys. NXT is basically doing a crappy version of this, but it’s the same thing every week online.

  • PinkSinCara

    ^^^ LOL at “puff up” ^^^

  • Jonah Hill

    Well, let me first to apologize for not showing up. I brought a hooker to church, and that really said to me “boy am I messed up or what”. I can bang any chicks how, and that is the reason I didn’t show up, I rather bang than watch two greased oil mean humping each other.

  • poko

    What is the WWE doing? Why are they overbooking so heavily, and why are the advertised segments the ones that get cut? The Brodus Clay thing has to be a work, right? And he’s going to puff up and attack someone out of frustration? It really does look like the WWE has too much going on for the RAW “Supershow” to handle. Wonder when they’re going to break up the content again? Not that I’m complaining, RAW is better this way.