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What Happened After RAW, Tonight’s SmackDown Tapings, Colt, More

– WWE Superstar David Hart Smith turns 25 years old today.

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown and NXT tapings will take place from the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Confirmed for tonight’s show is an appearance by Triple H and Mark Henry vs. Sheamus. Randy Orton vs. Christian in a Street Fight is advertised locally.

– Zack Ryder indicated on Twitter that Colt Cabana was backstage at last nights RAW from Indianapolis.

– The dark main event after last night’s RAW saw CM Punk and John Cena fight to a double DQ in a short match as The Miz and R-Truth interfered.

  • venom

    I hope there will be a new WWE championship after the two belts are unified as one.

  • Controversy = Cash

    Honestly, the ending was decent. It wasn’t anything like i’d expect and i like that. I thought they would fight like they always do with Cena coming out on top, but that didn’t happen, it wasn’t really good but it also wasn’t the same shit again.

  • CM Spunk

    Wouldnt surprise me if Vince ended up coming back and there were two “Corporations” going at it, after this week HHH and the new Regime with either Cena or Punk and then Vince under the old regime with either Cena or Punk.

  • Appocalypse

    This storyline is similar to the one between Razor Ramon and HBK back in the day. Rememember when shawn was the ic champ but never lost it, and meanwhile razor won a battle royal to be crowned the new ic champ, then the 2 met at WM10 in a ladder match with both IC belts hanging to determine the legitimate champ. I was expecting a ladder match at SS with 2 WWE titles up for grabs ala WM10. Well whatever happens that toy belt gotta go, i been watching wrestling since 1988 and that belt is the worst thing ever to happen, i was glas when they canned the spinner us belt. Ah well theres always hope.

  • pozzi

    very good one jackson! keep it up

  • knightcon

    I do hope when the titles reunited they’ll have a new belt

  • nick

    ^ yesssssss the 2 undertakersss

  • jackson

    I can see it coming a mile away. The 2 Undertakers will make their return to challenge Punk & Cena for the 2 Heavyweight Championships. The Undertakers will win then reunite themselves and the championship belt.

  • JIR

    So Triple H isn’t a heel the show sucked? the only thing I am upset at is Punk not keeping his word on getting rid of that retarded ass Championship belt. It was better looking before Cena ever touched it give it had more prestige before he touched it but thats not the point the point is its a conspiracy

  • Kevin

    The ending was horrible. My 9 year old daughter couldve wrote that ending. Wouldnt you think instead of posing with there titles they wouldve had a little scuffle? Hell have HHH try to seperate them and catch a punch by accident. The tag team match with Miz, Truth, Mysterio and Morrison was okay but its hard too get interested when they go to commercial. The opening segment was the good but because you had 2 inbetweeners out there it didnt feel right. You have to turn HHH heel and have him have Cena’s side so the grown men boo since they are louder then the kids usually. I just think the show was horribly written and the ending with the 2 putting there belts in the air was STUPID!!

  • knightcon

    Kevin what didn’t you like? The promo ads where over done and the diva battle royal sucked but punks opening promo was great. Miz truth Morrison Rey match was alright. And the end was good. With the music cutting back and forth as Cena and Punk posed.

  • Kevin

    No way Smackdown can be worse then Raw. I been watching WWE for 25 years and that show had to be one of the worst ever from the never endless commercials down too the whole show!!!