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What Happened After SmackDown, AJ Lee Reacts to Vickie, Birthdays

– Vickie Guerrero bragged on Twitter about her RAW win over AJ Lee. AJ responded and says they’re not done yet:

“I wouldn’t celebrate just yet. We’re just getting started, Grandma.”

– ECW Original Sabu turns 48 years old today while Jason Knight turns 49. Former WWE star Ultimo Dragon turns 47, former Tough Enough star Jeremiah Riggs turns 30 and longtime announcer Gary Michael Cappetta turns 60.

– The dark main event after last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Bridgeport, CT saw Sheamus beat Big Show via DQ when Show used a steel chair. Sheamus came back after the match and hit a Brogue Kick to end the show.

  • onegorgeousgal

    some body get Vickie Guerrero a member ship to weight watchers
    because it looks like she has put on a lot of weight and frankly next time around I hope that AJ Lee finishes things with Vickie Guerrero and mops the floor with Vickie Guerrero as Vickie Guerrero had no right to disrespect Aj Lee in her home town in front of her family and friends this week on Monday night raw frankly i hope that Aj kicks Vickie Guerreros ass and shuts her up also Vickie Guerrero has no business being in a wwe ring she is not a trained or experienced wrestler or even a wrestler for that matter, and even if she was Vickie Guerrero needs to lose some serious weight before and if she actually wants to wrestle as well as get some real and serious training as Vickie Guerrero is out of shape and very over weight due to gaining back the 52 pounds she lost more than a year ago Vickie Guerrero is not fit or in good enough shape to be in a wrestling ring
    I can tell that Vickie Guerrero gained more weight because the clothes she has been wearing on Monday night raw the last few weeks are in a very bigger size really sad

  • Pete

    I know it’s only a dark match but with the no contact clause surely find someone else for sheamus to wrestle?