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What Happened After SmackDown, Barrett Comments on Injury, Triple H

– Wade Barrett seems to be in good spirits as he wrote the following on Twitter regarding his injury:

“Don’t shed any crocodile tears for me… I could still give every single one of you a good slapping even with only one arm. The biggest downer is that I was scheduled to face Papa Shango this year at ‘Mania. That’s up in the air now. #Hexed”

– The dark main event after last night’s WWE Super SmackDown saw Big Show take on Daniel Bryan. The match ended in a disqualification when Cody Rhodes interrupted and attacked Show. Bryan and Rhodes double teamed Show until CM Punk made the save. Punk hit Bryan with GTS and Show connected with the knockout punch to end the show.

– WWE’s website has a new video up with Triple H, discussing why he chose a Hell in a Cell match for WrestleMania 28 with The Undertaker. The Game said he chose the match because he has to give The Undertaker “an end there’s no coming back from.”

  • Nicholas

    @Dazzling Daz B I agree with you 100%. I just feel if anybody ends the streak it has to be HHH. Yeah a lot of The Game haters may not like it but there really nobody else from that era other than HHH and Undertaker. Oh people will say Cena or Orton but they are not from that era. An while this is most likely Undertaker last Wrestlemania it could very well be HHH last one to. I don’t see both guys in ring career going past Wm28 so they are going out with a bang.

  • Jason L

    Good point Venom. That whole scenario has been left unresolved.

  • Jason L

    Ahhh what the hell I’ll do it before anyone else does.

    Papa Shango FTW lol

  • venom

    Barrett vs Undertaker would be good. Barrett was part of Nexus that buried the Undertaker at Bragging Rights 10′.

  • heyfit

    Wade Barrett became irrelevant after he changed his theme song. He’s a joke now.

  • grizz

    I think Barret should have been the one to face Undertaker, I believe Barrett could beat him.

  • Dazzling Daz B

    I honestly hope HHH ends the streak this year. I know im probobly gonna take alot of stick for saying it but i do. Been a big HHH fan as long as i have watched wrestling so you may say im being biased but i dont think there is any other suitabkle candidate to take the streak other than The Game.

  • Whocares

    Barrett is a great performer. I really hoped he’d win mitb this year d be the next mid carder to rise up to main event level

  • Stevie P

    Aww man, I would have loved to see Barrett vs Papa Shango. 🙁

  • Buttercastle

    Sure Triple H, until Undertaker wants his “vengeance” again next year. Maybe against Zack Ryder for the Internet championship?