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What Happened After SmackDown, Nash Says He Suffered a Concussion, More

– After last night’s SmackDown tapings in Richmond, Virginia, The Miz came out and demanded a Superstar to wrestle. Randy Orton answered the challenge and brought Booker T as the special referee. Cody Rhodes ended up attacking Booker during the match while Dolph Ziggler attacked Orton. Zack Ryder made the save and joined Booker & Orton in hitting their finishers on Rhodes. Booker, Ryder and Orton did Spin-A-Roonies to end the show.

– WWE Superstar Primo Colon turns 29 years old today.

– Kevin Nash said on Twitter that he will have surgery on his nose the 27th of this month and has a concussion after the match with Triple H at TLC. He wrote:

“Went to nose quack today. surgery 27th. decent concussion. seeing ortho on left elbow. love or hate me, i gave it all i had.”

  • Hunter

    I wouldn’t deem HHH “way past his prime”.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    I think the line ‘for two guys way past their prime’ pretty much sums it up regardless of who they are.

    No one pays to see has beens (names excluded). Creative really did a poor job in developing the fues with a weak and disjointed storyline. Perhaps it was fittinng for such a match.

  • venom

    The match wasn’t that bad. But that was a slow walk to the ring.

  • Buttercastle

    I’d pay to see a Ortonroonie. Randyroonie?

  • Gary

    WTF, CIB what the hell have you done in a wrestling ring? just cause you dislike someone, you gta see what was done, both men who are VERY injury prone, and way past they prime gave a 4/5 star match (IMO) like Stevie said, ALOT of people looked at this match as it was gna be a match filled with botches but yet they pulled it off perfectly… was it match of the yr? No, was it the match of the night, No…But it was ALOT better then ANYONE thought it would be….name me one match with a 52 yr old that was better, I’ll Wait

  • Mark

    I thought Nash did ok , seeing he hadnt wrestled full time for ages

  • Stevie P


    Really? It sucked? For two guys way past their prime, they had a pretty damn good match. My expectations were low and they surpassed them. I mean, Nash took a bump off a ladder. That’s pretty incredible given his past injuries and the fact that he’s 52. If you were expecting a 5 star match, well, that’s on you but they did a lot better than I thought it was going to be.

  • CiB

    Yes, Kevin Nash you did. And it sucked. Really, guys who have troubl taking four steps without injuring themselves should never be in ladder matches.