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What Happened After the SmackDown Tapings, Update on Brodus Clay’s WWE Status

– The dark main event after last night’s WWE tapings in Fresno, California saw Sheamus defeat Wade Barrett in a Street Fight.

– The Wrestling Globe reports that WWE officials have decided to put Brodus Clay’s “Funkasaurus” gimmick on hold for the time being. Word is that Vince McMahon feels that Clay’s ring work wasn’t where it needed to be for WWE TV.

The match against Heath Slater was cut from SmackDown a few weeks back when the decision was made that Clay needed to work on his in-ring skills.

  • Good R-Truth

    Vince McMahon, You sir are a Killjoy.

  • RJ28

    Somebody call his momma

  • venom

    I guess Clay is off tv because everybody was starting to like him. We don’t know what ring skills he had because they also had him in squash matches. WWE doesn’t know what to do with Clay and Ryan.

  • Phil Collins

    That’s too bad I was liking the direction Brodus took The Funkasaurus character to. He really knew how sell his character without making it seem like a ridiculous punch line. Really reminded me of the old school gimmick days

  • the_electrifying_one

    technically he isnt brilliant but he was fun to watch. there was only 2 things the fans could do about it when he was on NOTHING and LOVE IT!!!

  • Mordecai

    What a shame, I actually kept looking forward to watching The Funkasaurus each week. He actually wasn’t that bad in the ring, he just needed worthy opponents. As long as they don’t scrap the Funkasaurus gimmick altogether, everything will hopefully be fine…

  • Bawb

    Man, WWE is a hot mess right now.

  • Stevie P

    Ring work not there? Guy can move for a big man. Also, like someone else has stated, Khali is considered a main eventer yet he is by far the worst wrestler in the WWE. Heck I can list at least 4 wrestlers that Brodus is better than ( Khali, Mark Henry, Big Show and Big Zeke).

    Plus, the guy had a funny gimmick. It was different and a change from the bland that has been coming down the WWE creative pipeline. This is just stupid.

  • Vince, first no more Funkasaurus, please, what’s next? No more Fart Jokes? Tell me it ain’t so!!!

  • AttitudePl0x

    Vince is getting old. With age comes poor judgement. Lets take a pity on the guy

  • Jimbo

    Wasn’t where it needed to be? Then…Oh I don’t know….stop booking him in SQUASH MATCHES, IDIOTS!

  • Tyler

    Not good enough for WWE TV Vince listen to the WWE universe when brodus clay has a match everyone loves it he is unbeatable and is the best Mr Funk of this era OH YEAH!!! so now what you keep him away from the ring for a while and bring him back as a monster and as a heel WE WANT MR FUNK BRODUS CLAY YOU BETTER CALL YOUR MOMMA VINCE OH YEAH!!!!!

  • ogitchida

    explains why it took so long for them to finally debut the funkasaurus… bummer tho.. it was pretty funny..

  • Jay

    But Khali is just wonderful to see.

  • PinkSinCara

    Well hell, he had the same exact match each week he was featured. A hip toss across the ring (“Shall I get him?”), a headbutt to his oncoming opponent (“Mah bad”), an avalanche in the corner, and a SHEEWAHWAH splash.

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    Why did they put him on tv in the first place if that was the case?

  • Tony

    “Vince McMahon feels that Clay’s ring work wasn’t where it needed to be for WWE TV.” What the Funk??