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What Happened After TLC PPV, Del Rio Face Turn, Royal Rumble Trailer, More

– Embedded below is the trailer for next month’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

– After Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view went off the air, John Cena apologized to the fans for losing the Ladder Match and asked everyone to get home safe.

– Also at TLC, WWE went with the decision to turn Alberto Del Rio babyface. 3MB were picking on the Spanish announce team for not speaking English, which prompted Ricardo Rodriguez to come out. 3MB proceeded to bully Rodriguez until Del Rio came out and made the save. This set up a six man tag team match for later in the evening, with 3MB facing The Miz, Del Rio and their mystery partner, legendary jobber The Brooklyn Brawler.

  • yofitz

    rock SOLD OUT on the fans.

    he’ll leave us AGAIN once WM29 is over …

  • Jericho4life

    @Ceejay The Six man Tag Team Match was Match of the night

  • Buttercastle

    @Ceejay Naomi ha some pretty good moves, but Eve still won the match.

  • And I read the six man was pretty sick?

  • Can someone tell me about the Naomi match? Did my wife outshine eve?

  • DanG must have got the verdict on Mysterio’s future the other day.

  • Joe Piscapo

    I was at TLC last night. Cena also said that they would be switchin’ up shows in the future between MSG and Barclay because of how live we were tonight. He gave us props on the crazy crowd energy. Man, even JTG got a big pop durin’ the dark match lol. Can’t wait until the come back to BK. Definitely lookin’ forward to the show at MSG next week!

  • Also do anyone else think aj lee heel turn was like hhh heel turn at wrestlemania 15. I think its just me.however hhh turn was way better, plus how awesome would it be if he turned on the rock at rumble and say he screwed him 4 businesslike vince did hogan years back.

  • xXx

    shitty way to turn ADR face.. and don’t you just looove when The Midd repeats stuff?

  • Lezly Zen

    Leave my AJ alone! I want to do a scene with her! The both of us + pussy glore!

    Yay AJ!


  • The rock would tell cena that aj should have won an award for tricking your monkey ass jabroni. Lol.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    Tom . . . Just a horrible idea.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Bad way to turn Del Rio face. Should have done an 8 man tag match with Del Rio and 3MB vs Miz, Brawler and maybe Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd. Have Del Rio lose the fall and 3MB beat him down.

  • Robinson

    Horrible trailer btw.