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– We’ve noted how Rey Mysterio was essentially forced to stay under contract with WWE for one more year due to a clause in WWE contracts that allows the company to extend a contract if their performers miss a certain amount of time due to injuries.

When Rey’s WWE contract expired this year, he reportedly told Triple H that he was not interested in renewing the deal. The two reportedly had a handshake agreement that WWE and Rey would go their separate ways.

Vince McMahon then had Mark Carrano from Talent Relations call Rey to inform him that they were renewing his deal for one more year based on that clause.

Rey is still out of action with a hand injury and has not appeared for them since January. With him living in California, there was some talk last week of bringing him to SummerSlam for media appearances but that obviously did not happen, possibly because WWE didn’t want the questions about his status coming up.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • CC

    Not being funny, but WWE is well within their rights to do this. How on Earth can someone take as much time off as Mysterio has, and expect that to be standard contract time?
    That said, with the amount of injuries he has had, and how little time he has actually appeared on tv in the last few years, I have no idea why WWE would even want to keep him. People have been released for having even less time off injured.

  • T.N.E. 4EVA

    Vince is making HHH look bad. That’s only going to hurt them

  • Will Henderson

    HHH released Mysterio per Mysterio’s wished, but Vince refuse to release him. yep. i smell a real life power struggle in the WWE between Vince and HHH.

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