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– TNA officials have discussed the possibility of holding select house show events featuring former ECW talent in markets where the defunct promotion was most popular. The feeling amongst those pushing for it is that the ECW alumni will work cheap, thus resulting in a profitable venture for the company. However, it doesn’t appear that officials have mentioned the venture to those contacted for Hard Justice.

– While Tommy Dreamer has been contacting ECW alumni to work Hard Justice, Director of Talent Relations Terry Taylor has handled the financial negotiations. The rumored payoff for non-contracted performers is said to range from $500 to $1,000.

– It has been confirmed that the main event of next month’s Hard Justice will feature TNA World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn. It is unknown at this time whether the title will be on the line.

  • Amazing Red FTW

    At the end of the day, this will be awesome and no matter what WWE dick suckers think, this show will piss all over one night stand.

  • Stephen Harper

    and some of you dont like the concept of continuing it on after the ppv, its simple, dont watch it! And he maybe a hyprocite(Tommy Dreamer) but i dont pay to see him being one, i pay for him to do what he does best WRESTLE!!!

  • Stephen Harper

    Its a f****** one off ppv and all are you are moaning like the babies you are, me and alot of people are just happy to see alot of these STILL very talented wrestlers coming back one more time giving us one more chance, and tna may make a new ppv to go alongside it, so stop your moaning and enjoy it before it goes forever!

  • A man named Gillberg

    The allmighty $$$$$$$$ will allways rule the world !!!! ( what is ” YOUR PRICE PEEPS”? )… Indy circuit shows are running shows in town halls and ” Back yards ” all across the world… Running storylines that have been repeated, and repeated, in thousands of langages, an E.C.W one more time ” STORYLINE ” “FREE TO T.V?”… Is not to be missed T.V. If your an old (ACTOR) it’s ok to go and do adverts… If your a ex main eventer of wrestlemania.. Or even a midcard wrestler in W.W.E..It’s not O.K to go to ” WORK” at some other place Built upon a charcter built around you??? Everyone has to go someplace, better for us… The viewer of ” F.R.E.E ” T.V,

  • CC

    Its quite hilarious that Dreamer was whining about how the original One Night Stand was sposed to be a final chance for the original ECW crew to have a final show, then WWE dragged it out and ruined it. Then says that this PPV will be that one final chance, and now he is contacting people so they can continue doing shows after this PPV … as I said before, the man is a hypocrite.

  • scooter

    @jon-jon because ROH is the be all and end all of wrestling apparently

  • Keith Learmonth

    So much for TNA’s ranking system having any meaning what-so-ever…

  • Jon-Jon

    @ Scooter Lynn was in TNA, and still had it, then went to ROH, and still has it, and he’s still in ROH! So how does changing promotions for a night make you less of an athlete than you are?

  • Robinson

    luckysalt your an idiot. You said that its good news that ECW Alumni are the only talent at a TNA PPV? Thats retarded. Its called TNA not ECW. if i was a tna wrestler id be pisst bc you got ecw taking over tna. guys like samoa joe, aj stylzs, abyss, sting, kurt angle, etc werent in ecw. That sounds dumb, this is tna, ecw died along time ago. lets just let it go.

  • scooter

    jerry lynnn is a hasbeen now that hes in tna when he was in roh he still had it but now he doesn’t
    just saving a bunch of people the trouble of commenting guys dont mind me

  • luckysalt

    RVD v Lynn were classics, its obvious that no current TNA wrestlers who weren’t in ECW originally will be taking part in the PPV, which is great news, otherwise its just the same old same old.

    WWE ruined the One Night Stand PPV with the WWE wrestlers in the crowd, if you watch it back you can see how really pissed off RVD is that they’re there

  • Matt

    Bet RVD vs. Abyss will get put on impact sometime in the next few weeks. Win-win situation with a good TV match and a good PPV match

  • misfit

    Venom, really?? U really want to see rvd vs abyss???? Or rvd vs jerry lynn?, which were probably the best matches of the late 90’s, ha thought so

  • iambj2005

    that match can happen any time jerry lynn and rvd one more time is something i thought would never happen

  • venom

    That is so stupid. What happened to RVD vs Abyss????

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