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Hardy Boys Reunion “Very Likely” In WWE Next Year, This Week’s “WWE Inbox”

– Promoting his appearance this Friday for WOH Wrestling at Whitehall Athletic Club in Whitehall, New York, this Friday, Matt Hardy appeared on Passing The Torch Radio. During the interview, Hardy was asked about the possibility of a Hardy Boys reunion in WWE next year, with him being a free agent and Jeff’s contract with TNA Wrestling expiring in February.

He responded, “Very likely!”

– This week on WWE Inbox, Superstars and Divas are asked which celebrity they would like to get in the ring with, whether they have ever purchased an item from SkyMall, and about favorite childhood possessions.


– In Wednesday’s birthdays, Brent Albright turns 34-years-old while Rob Conway turns 40.

  • hf part two

    Fatt Lardy will not diet!

  • JSmooth

    oh my bad i meant learn sumn before u speak and that wasnt soley aimed at pete only the first part was. the rest was aimed at these other unbeivable comments sometimes i wonder if they watch wrestling or just say what they heard someone else say

  • JSmooth

    @pete mess it up by doing drugs??? where have been under a pile of rocks ??? hbk was always high according to the man himself. drugs couldnt stop him from doing any thing and look at the man now. IF U LOOK AT ANY HARDY DVD or ask a wrestler about the hardys. theyd say i always thought they were high to do some of the things they did. matt is a good performer who in a personal spat with n employee and former friend lost points with the wwe and drew the short straw. now years later and nethier of the party who caused all that drama is there so why wouldnt they want matt hardy. the hardys togther #trendsetting #attitude era if u dnt knw about it go buy the dvd and maybe you will see why the hardys are revered as wrestling enigmas not as people. personal loife only is a factor when u cnt do the job ur being paid for. and last i checked wwe puts any employee past or present in help facilities. learn sumn before speak

  • SYM

    i don’t care, i’m all for it if they rot in the tag division where they belong. they will always be mid carders.

  • SYM

    i don’t care, i’m all for it if they rot in the tag division where they belong.

  • scooter

    And as for how that affects this story, the question is would WWE want Matt back? Theres no doubt Jeff is an assest but I don’t see why anyone would sign Matt Hardy on his own. I reckon it would be Jeffs influence.

  • scooter

    Sometimes I feel like jeff tries to hard to keep his friends and family happy for example I remember he did signings and demanded Shannon Moore got brought in as well. Also remember how Shannon got a big singles push when he first debuted with TNA, would he have got that if not for Jeff? Even Matt getting signed and pushed for the short while he was in TNA was probably thanks to Jeff. Its admirable in a way but I never saw Jeff as a political guy.

  • Eric

    @sym i would perfer jeff hardy in wwe. he is still in great shape. does great high flying stunts. his feud with punk over world title in summer 2009. was very entertaining. matt hardy he won all mid card titles in wwe. was wwe version ecw champion. matt kinda of gotten fat toward end of his wwe career. also matt can stay on indies. It would be cool see jeff back in wwe. he was draw for kids. kids love jeff. vince and wwe would make alot money off jeff in merchandise, tickets etc as they did in 2009.

  • Albert

    I would like to see them come into the wwe and get a decent push as a tag team, they can go for the tag title and then maybe intercontinental/US but nothing major! They would really be great for the tag division! Maybe bring in Lita as a Valet for them 🙂

  • SYM

    Its funny that when Matt Hardy says anything you guys call him “Fatt Lardy” and “useless” and a nobody. But let him cause speculation of a Hardy Boy Reunion in WWE and you all lose your shit and make him a king. Yes, this site contains the most fickle wrestling fans on the internet.

  • Eric

    @paul i am not. just say it would be nice to see eve vs kim. seeing that wwe always uses famous celebrities at wrestlemaina. last yr they had reality star snookie. this yr they had kelly kelly and maria the extra girl vs beth and eve. it would not shock me if they had eve vs kim kardashian. who is pretty popular atm with being reality star drawing alot ratings. would not put it past vince for kim k. having wrestling match at mania. since ever yr at mania last couple yrs. vince always has celeb thrown in mix to diva match.

  • Hank Moody

    Ughh, god. No. I don’t want to see Jeff Hardy (or Matt, but especially Jeff) back in WWE.

  • paul s

    Eric if ur going to jerk ur cock don’t do it here fuck off to a porn site or a woman

  • Daniel Schein

    I seriously doubt it…..TNA just put the gold on Jeff and I don’t think they would have made that move unless he either already re signed or they agreed on terms for a new contract. If he drops the belt to Roode at the ppv this month then I’ll certainly wonder. Both Hardy Boyz carry a risk of signing but I believe at the moment WWE would more than likely take that risk with Cena banged up, Ryback still proving if he can carry the torch, Mysterio one more injury away from retirement, Del Rio rumored to be unhappy, etc. Another issue could be Matt not wanting to leave Reba behind while he goes back on a WWE schedule and Jeff wanting to focus more on music and outside projects, which fits better with TNA’s schedule. If I had to guess I’d say we’ll see a Hardy reunion in TNA not WWE

  • Eric

    eve vs kim kardshian in ring would be very hot. would love see eve take kim to school. 2 hot sexy women. love eve charcter. she great bad girl heel. would love see her take kim to school in ring. have hot sexy match.

  • Eric

    yeah matt has too much baggage. this is not attitude era anymore. it is pg bs area. also i could see jeff hardy coming back to wwe. because he in ring skills were amazing. his high flying stunts moves in ring. jeff still amazing in ring as he was when he was when he was member of hardy boyz tag team in 1999 13 yrs ago. vs edge christian dudley boyz feud. his feud with punk. was very entertaining. the kids who fill majority of seats. love jeff. would buy his gear, tickets to see him. as they did in 2009 when he was big face and world heavyweight champion. jeff could fill void edge left. after edge force retired last april 2011. jeff face of smackdown as world champion would be cool. he can make smackdown fun again. shemeus vs big show very boring! jeff vs any world champion smackdown would be alot better.

  • Break it down

    Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls.. children of all ages! D generation X proudly brings to it former tag team champions of the wooooorld THE ROAD DOGG JESSIE JAMES THE BAD A$$ BILLY GUNN THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS! > bring that on!

  • ChrisDV

    Don’t see the WWE bringing Matt back after he faked a suicide a while back.

  • the hardy’s vs team hell no that would be a good tag team match well if they have the belt’s then

  • cakes

    it is important to remember that sense the WWE has fully evolved into the “Cena-face” era, that Jeff Hardy was ARGUABLY the most over face of the WWE next to Cena. Yes I know how over Orton was when he turned face against Legacy and how over Punk was as a face in 2011, but Jeff Hardy’s final run with the WWE as a face was truly amazing and it was a shame that he fucked it up. I, for one, would love to see Jeff Hardy come back and continue his feud with CM Punk since, from a storyline purpose, Punk was the one who ended Hardy’s career. This WILL be the feud that will solidify CM Punk’s ultimate heel turn going into a potential program with SCSA. Jeff Hardy is such a like-able babyface that is easy to support and rally behind, but his real life demons would allow the material needed for Punk to fully flourish against him in another feud.

  • emerald

    I used to be the biggest hardy fan ever, but i dont think ill be very enthusiastic if they did come back to be honest, i think they’ve had their time.

  • Nicholas

    I believe HHH and Jeff Hardy being such good freinds will have a lot in doing in Hardy Boyz return. I believe HHH is going to bring many wrestler back to the WWE as he has been much more easier to talk to. Remember who it was that put Jeff Hardy over as a main eventer. That is because HHH feels that Jeff Hardy is a very worthy wrestler. I am not a Jeff Hardy fan by any means feel he got a long way to go to prove to me that his drugs days are gone. But I think HHH is not to picky on wrestlers past trouble. WWE is all for giving new chances if the timing is right also. I feel the timing is right with Ric Flair retuning, Hardy Boyz return and you wonder who is next person HHH is going after. I think HHH going to prove to all his haters that he is very well fit in taking over the WWE. If the Hardy Boyz return the reason why is because of HHH and how the wrestler themself find dealing with HHH is much more easier.

  • donkster

    I’d rather see the New Age Outlaws

  • mtlhitman

    Matt Hardy im sorry for the hardy fans but he is not and he never was close to ever been a contender for any major title he is not in a good champ and is in ring skill aren’t that great.Jeff can still jump and make some stunts so the best for both of them is finish where they started in tag-team division hope they could bring them back for wrestlemania into tag-team division in a wrestlemania 6 tag-team tlc or ladder match.

  • Frank

    I think it’s wishful thinking on Matt’s part.

  • Myers

    Always remember, Matt likes to make things up.

  • Sam Peters

    i think it will happen,PTP will call out any tag team that feel they can beat them,they will keep slandering everyone then they will come out and accepr the challenge and then will either compete for the tag titles or go for separate singles titles

  • Mabry

    I so much want to see Matt Hardy as WWE/WH title at least once, as long as he keeps hes sanity. Jeff Hardy, no thanks, but as the Hardy Boys, they could keep making the tag division important and relevant.

  • Pete

    I hope that they will return to WWE as long as they don’t screw this chance up by doing drugs. It does seem that both of them have changed for the best and hopefully don’t go back down that path.