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Hardy Debuting a New Theme, Hogan Endorses Romney, More

– Here’s the TNA Impact Wrestling post-show from last night:

– TNA will be airing a 2012 pay-per-view match on Sunday’s Bound For Glory pre-show on Spike TV. They are letting fans vote and the options are Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries from Destination X, James Storm vs. Roode from Lockdown or Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy from No Surrender.

– Hulk Hogan spoke with HuffPost Live this week to promote TNA Bound For Glory and revealed that he’s leaning towards voting for Mitt Romney in this year’s Presidential election.

– Jeff Hardy will debut a new theme song called “Reptilian” at Sunday’s pay-per-view.

  • eric

    Yeah romney and hogan comparsion is not fair one. hogan been in pro wrestling business when counting major promtions since 1985 for several decades. romney has not been in washigton for his whole life. As alot of career politicans. ex joe biden 4 decades. barney frank mitch mcconnel etc romney has had major role in business world he is kinda like vince mcmahon. big time sucessful business man. which u can’t say that about hogan. all things he has touch business wise has gone down toliet. wcw his lame celbs wrestling. he has no business sense. is failure in business. just watch wcw. mitt has been job creator. creator alot jobs. done alot good work outside of d.c 4 million to charities. he is very vince mcmahon like. gives alot of his money to charties. big sucessful business man. anyone is better than obama. who was voted in on anti bush talking points. alot people have woke up. he will be gone on november6. i wish hulk hogan would go with him. respect what hulkster did for pro wrestling in 80’s and 90’s just as i do with austin, the rock, randy savage, roddy piper. alot of legends from 80’s and 90’s but he made he money. he got his hall of fame status. hogan need go. let future legends of tommrow. shine in tna. like austin aries, samoa joe, abyss etc

  • rko


    You give Romney too much credit especially since he hasn’t been president for four lowly years. You sure you didn’t mean obama? The poster child for hope and change gone bad? Sheesh.

  • Zedd

    The last thing TNA needs is another random Heel turn

  • adam

    Wow hardy has changed his theme alot in tna. Maybe he will be part of aces and eights that would be a cool twist and we get to see the anti christ of wrestling once again which was the best his charcter has ever been.

  • eric

    Obama is just like hogan. if u think about it. obama was promising big things turn around econmy has failed. hogan promise big things for tna. been failure just like obama. hogan has hurt tna driving them more in debt. obama wrecking us econmy. just as hulk hasbeen is wrecking ruining tna. hogan and obama both need to go asap. sick of seeing obama talk. sick of seeing hogan who is irrevant in pro wrestling. he has not done anything big in 10 yrs. hogan should have retired 10 yrs ago after his match with the rock at wm18 in tortono

  • P. R .

    Hardy is a david icke fan? Cool

  • Buttercastle

    Hogan would be voting for Romney. They are both weird old guys who think having themselves in the spotlight is the best thing in the world.

  • Sam Peters

    maybe Hardy to turn heel again??? be part of Aces & Eights