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Hardy Debuts Belt, Tara Opening Pizza Shop, BFG Attendance

– 2,900 fans reportedly attended TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view at the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona last weekend.

– TNA Knockouts Champion Tara will be opening her new pizza restaurant in the Chicago area in January or February 2013. Tara told The Chicago Tribune that she will be working regularly in the shop when she’s not on the road for wrestling.

– TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy debuted a new title belt on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling. The new belt is similar to the Immortal belt he debuted in late 2010 and was made by the same company, Top Rope Belts. Here is a side-by-side comparison:

hardy belts

  • wf3458

    But Vince gave up on Jeff that Dixie couldn’t do. Just firing Jeff but sending him to rehab doesn’t solve anything. Dixie gave second shot but gave him really with a strong lockroom which WWE doesn’t have.

  • Eric

    When it comes to mr jeff hardy. no wrestler or superstar has had more chances than jeff hardy. he had problems in 2003. jim ross said they offer rehab for him he said no. in 2004 came in short run in tna. than 2 yrs later wwe and vince gave jeff another chance in wwe. where he feuded with morrison won ic title few times. wwe knew jeff was over with kids fans. put world title on him in 2009. with a feud with cm punk in summer of 2009. which was kinda interesting. jeff became 2 time world champion. than he left went tna in 2010 than tna put world title on him bfg 2010 jeff mess up with victoryroad last yr disater. tna gave jeff another chance. so jeff had many chances in wwe and tna. vince put world title on him as big star in 2009. tna made him leader of heel faction immortal. so when it comes jeff. he has had many chances had 4 reigns as world champion. 2 in wwe. 2 in tna. if he were comeback to wwe. seeming how all kids look up love jeff. he would get another world title run. because jeff can draw money. honkey said that to jbl on his radio show last yr.

  • Apacaveli

    jeff hardy is a weirdo he also got face paint painted eyes over his eye lids wtf stupid shit now the tna heavyweight championship is a disgrace with jeff hardy’s goofball face im surprised he didnt put face paint on the belt that belt is shit now.i hope jeff”meth”hardly looses that championship belt quickly lolz…

  • Apacaveli

    That Jeff Hardy Is Fucking Ugly And Gay Looking It Looks Like That Grey And Purple Version Of WWE Womens Championship Belt LOLz.

  • Logan

    I’ve always admired Jeff’s artistic side, but this is….pretty ugly.

  • wf3458

    Dixie to be honest is way better than both Vince& Linda. Vince and Linda is what wrong with corporate America. Like Vince said “It all about the Money” for them, there could care less about there talent. Dixie goes backstage and talk and encourge everybody. She doesn’t go back and make threats like Vince.

  • wf3458

    To be honest cross my heart if it wasn’t for TNA Jeff wouldn’t be hear. People call Dixie stupid for allow him back but she gave what Vince never gave one more shot. TNA roster support Jeff by that storyline which the WWE doesn’t have the guts to do you know why because they don’t have leadership in that lockerroom. Jeff is better off in TNA. Money cheap compare to respect.

  • wf3458

    No Adam Jeff won’t go back to a organization that mock him while he left and just fired him but offer a sint in rehab. Dislike my comment all you want but admit Jeff is better off in TNA were he is actually love and respected.

  • adam

    @wf3458. Jeff would go back to wwe if they gave him a reduced schdule. The main reason he wouldnt leave is TNA kisses his ass Thus making a Jeff Hardy only tite. Matt on the other hand i dont think anyone would want him anymre.He used to be the better ring worker then jeff not a good charcter but a good worker. Now he is nothing.

  • Bastion Booger

    Thats the only belt that can make that stupid wwe spinner belt look good

  • CM Mark

    At least it’s not purple this time.

  • wf3458

    @FanSince99 Jeff and Matt will NEVER go back to the WWE. Jeff will never leave because. TNA and Dixie save his carrier and life. The storyline after his rehab stint may him wakeup. Both Matt and Jeff were treated as garabe by Vince in WWE.

  • This shows that TNA will kiss Hardy’s butt in order for him to stay. To be honest, I can see him going back to WWE with a Shawn Michaels-esc contract and then retiring

  • adam

    @zeed thats what he saw in the mirror after his most recent Lsd trip

  • Pig

    fuck you say nigger?

  • ##

    I can’t believe the disappointment I feel right now.


    same belt differwent color n isnt it ironic that tna goin thru all this to try n keep him hw fuckin bad wood they look if he chose not to resign with them me personally i woodnt had did all this until he did resign but thats just me

  • Zedd

    Looks like something he saw on an LSD trip.

  • Dwayne

    Looks like I’m gonna get lots of thumbs down for this but, I think it’s kinda cool

  • PinkSinCara


  • adam

    @Jon the only difference is it has a black strap and stars on the side instead of his face but yea its but ugly. I never thought a belt could make the wwe championship or there tag titles look good but that one did it. I guess thats what happens when you have a drug addict creat your title. As for his theme reptillian really makes no sense because its a mixture of all of his themes. i wish he would go back to another me if he is going to use that belt again.

  • Jon

    I don’t it new. It’s the Immortal belt that Hardy had his first run. I wish he still use resurrection as his theme though. Reptilian doesn’t make sence.

  • scooter

    That belt aint got alibi it ugly!